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Movie Snob? That Would Be Me

I could go with Entertainment Snob, but we would be here for days and that is not fair when the holidays are have arrived. :) 
To be clear, I am not all high brow and no humor. Hardly. When it comes to movies I love the high end cheese along with the epics. Schindler's List moved me to tears and Old School moved me to laugh out loud. I could barely stay in my seat during South Park: The Movie or Jackass. The first twenty minutes of Saving Private Ryan had me crying and heaving in horror. Those are the experiences I want when I pay good money to be entertained and that is what bugs me about most movies and television now. Most of it is just pure unadulterated garbage. I loathe, loathe, loathe reality television. Except for Deadliest Catch. For some reason we are addicted in our house. Go figure. I hate all of our Houswives, the Kardashians, stars who dance, fame whores who try to "survive" or eat bugs and idiots who want to be idols. Harsh? Too bad. The world is bitter an…

House Envy Part Deux


Like kitchens, they can be an oasis, a place to linger or they can be a place you do your business and get the hell out!  If one has a place to soak, relax and spa then it is lovely. Then again, most of us do not have the space to accommodate a massive retreat so what does one do? The least you can do is make it somewhat enjoyable when taking a shower or brushing your teeth. So says the woman whose shower does not work in the upstairs bath and has the evil poorly grouted pink bathroom on the first floor. I know I gripe about this a lot, but it does amaze me when someone will do shoddy work and live with it. Grrrrr! We are aiming to get the second floor done in the spring. Fingers are crossed!

Anyhoo, while a black bathroom will most likely not occur in our house, I do like the look of this one taken back in 2009 at a Brooklyn townhouse.

Now, while I do adore the color purple, I am not sure I could do this, but it is well executed. Here is link to full house tour.

This bathr…

House Envy

Sometimes I like to peruse real estate for fun, especially the ridiculous over the top 10,000 square foot villa. Manicured lawns, marble baths, the kitchen that pretty much can house two hundred people comfortably. I understand why most folks dig the "staged home", but I prefer a more lived in look. That does not mean I cannot appreciate a stellar photo shoot.
Via the blog Lark & Linen I came across this gorgeous farm house. Isn't it just lovely? Bright and airy kitchens make me swoon and this one is divine. While white is not my first choice in a kitchen, you cannot deny how elegant it looks.
From The Right Bank has a list of beautiful gray kitchens. I do like the dark cabinets, I think it is a such an unexpected touch. Once again, I covet the Aga stove.
This Tobi Fairley kitchen and bath featured on House of Turquoise are just stunning. I like the shots of blue color used through out both rooms.
Cheers! MissFifi

Ahhhh Design

The old standard theme rooms for baby nurseries do not work for me. Disney is a no no and anything too genderized, boy means blue and girl means pink, is totally against my sensibilities. When we found out that we would be put to the ultimate life test and become parents one of my thoughts were, "How to decorate?'
Okay, not really, but it sounded good right?
Actually, my husband is a comic book geek. I can appreciate this to a point. Most of his collection sits in a box in the closet and this makes me twitch. Reason being that some of the cover artwork is stunning and deserves to be displayed. So using my genius I persuaded him that we should frame a few to put up in the nursery as artwork. No matter if it was a boy or a girl, the comic books were going up. X-Men, Batman and a few others were chosen and framed. I have to say it looks really awesome and this inspired him to pull out his Star Wars bobble heads and put them out on a shelf in the room as well. I know that as parent…

What's In A Name?

Some names are passed down from generation to generation. Others are chosen out of respect for the dead and to carry on their memory. Then are those chosen simply because of their meaning or because after much searching, the parents found something they really like.My own name is very unusual and I happen to love it. I also went to grammar Catholic school with many children of various backgrounds, Hispanic, Italian and Black, all who had wonderful ethnic names. No one was made fun of, and this was the seventies and early eighties. There are names I have loved and would have used on our forthcoming bundle of joy if, and only if, DH's last name was not quite so hard. It is German in origin and not an easy one to match things too. So choosing a name has been quite the task. Once we found it we were happy, but also reluctant to share. Why is this you ask? Because everyone has an opinion on what you name your child. And the most aggressive opinion comes from my in-laws. Imagine my amaze…

Self Publishing Trudges Ahead

A darling friend sent me an article about an author who after numerous rejections, took it upon herself to self publish. A lot of us who toil away at this solitary career also squirm and toil away writing query letters and various forms of a synopsis. Those are not the only things I dread from time to time. With any sort of publishing comes the anonymous reviewers that can tear apart your book. Sure i have thick skin thanks to numerous rejection letters, but one does worry about sending out an imperfect product. Then again, I can just go over it once more, and roll with the punches. The point would be to get it out there, push for it to sell, even at a mere 99 cents, and hope it generates buzz like Darcie Chan's debut novel discussed in the article at Yahoo.
One of my favorite things about the article is Ms. Chan's description of her novel. "It didn't really fit any genre," Ms. Chan says. "It has elements of romance, suspense, mystery, but it falls into the …

The Cost of E Books

Are eBooks too expensive?
This question is asked by the SmartMoney blog and I must agree. I constantly question paying $12 for an eBook when the paperback is $6.99. Heck, the library is free. Publishers seem to be just as baffled as the music industry was back in the days of Napster and files sharing. They are not sure what to do with those of us who want physical books in our hands as well as an eBook. We want to pay money and support the authors, but not be overcharged. Will this ever get worked out? I hope so. Though we do have a current round of publishers being jerky about the Kindle Lending Library and limiting the amount of times and eBook can go out. Read about that here.
Cheers! MissFifi