Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Society and Politics

I normally do not like to discuss politics on my blog for the simple reason I am not looking to get into arguments or slander people for their political affiliations. But headlines over the last few days have made me want to bust open a wall. Let us start with societal ills shall we?

Wal Mart's Black Friday.

I should not even need to say much more about this since the world watched a bunch of dolts fight over $2 toasters, $1 towels and pepper spraying fellow shoppers for an XBox. As someone pointed out, "What would these people do during a real crisis like a food, fuel or water shortage?" Clearly the herd would be seriously thinned during a major crisis. It was sad to witness these folks who were rabid with the need for goods that will pretty much crap out after use. (Sorry China, I went there.) You want to shop, shop, but please, act like a civilized human being. Then again, and this will sound elitist and I will not apologize, it also shows the caliber of customer Wal Mart attracts. Keepin' it Klassy.

My beloved home state of New Jersey now has doubled the amount of recipients who have applied for and are using food stamps. I appreciate that folks will not go hungry because of such a program. Or will they? We give people food stamps, but not once do we teach them how to stretch the amount and cook proper foods. Here is an excerpt from this article that pretty much made me want to fling a book across a room and scream.

"Espy said food stamps on average work out to $1.45 per meal, and for some, the benefit can be as little as $16 a month. She said she just spoke with a senior citizen who uses that $16 to buy three boxes of cereal and eats it for breakfast and dinner."

Seriously?? Seriously?? We all know what milk and name brand cereals go for in the stores. No one thinks to teach this woman to buy beans, rice, pasta, frozen veggies and make bulk meals? Show her the store brand corn flakes and buy the milk in containers that do not need to be refrigerated until used. Way cheaper. Why not encourage her to buy frozen chicken pieces and teach her how to stretch a meal? There are so many frugal food websites, magazines like All You, that show how much a meal can costs and how many servings you can get out of that meal. You can also use coupons when using food stamps. HELLO!!!! Does social services even tell these recipients this? If they are too swamped to do so, please, get somebody who wants work, like myself, and have us create a pamphlet of easy, affordable recipes, websites and magazines. List the library as a great source since it has free Internet and will give you magazines they no longer want and a public transport schedule if need be and hand it to those who get their plastic card. If they chose not to use these resources, fine, but then they cannot cry a river, saying no one offered them any assistance.

And now, our future police state. A secret bill was going to be voted on yesterday or today which would allow the military, yes the military, to sweep up US citizens at home and abroad. How about no? How about you are violating my rights as a citizen? I doubt most folks are aware of this lovely story. I read this piece of news on Business Insider yesterday and was not pleased at all. Neither were most of the other readers and they voiced their displeasure and anger quite well. This is where your party affiliation is irrelevant. Both political parties think this is necessary since we are rife with terrorists. Amazing how the term and idea of "terrorism" is this blanket panacea when the government wants to infringe on their citizens rights. Disgusting really and there is no other word for it. We all need to unite, not divide by party, and stop letting them pit us all against one another. It is a mere distraction. We bicker about who is better, Repubs or Dems all while the government goes about their business, parties hand in hand, laughing at our school yard fights.

Sometimes I think I am paranoid, but I know I am not at all. I believe our country's infrastructure has been neglected too long and we have major issues still to come. Winter had not hit full force yet my friends. Laugh all you want at LDS or survivalists and homesteaders, but at least they are all prepared for any sort of emergency. Here at our house we are sort of prepared. We have extra food and water, bought a generator, grow some of our food and have some necessary emergency preparedness tools like a wind up radio and lanterns. Thankfully I have a friend who is LDS and she has given me her Church's emergency preparedness literature which is extensive and very helpful. I still need to get my car pack ready in case we need to flee. I do have blankets in each car thank goodness.
I do not enjoy doom and gloom, no one does, but I refuse to be caught off guard like so many were during the hurricane and snow storm. Mother Nature is a beast, but so is the lack of action over the years by our governments at local, state and national level. There is no preventative done. One needs a bridge to collapse before they repair it and power outages are becoming more common. We can all take steps to secure our own person and even fight the good fight if we can. We can demand better for our politicians and corporations, but there is no guarantee we will get or receive better. But if you are part of the group who expects the government will take care of you and that gas and food will always just appear and you are willing to fight over a $2 towel from China, then this post does not apply to you at all.


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