Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food Daddy Food!

That phrase was uttered by a colleague's little girl almost ten years ago. Let me give you the story. The man's wife was not much of a cook. I guess frozen and fast food were more what she laid out for the kids to eat most of the time. Anyway, they were at a relatives house, perhaps for a holiday, and when all the food started to get brought out, the little girl clapped and smiled and shouted out to her father about the food with glee. When our friend relayed this story we all cracked up and even now, I will use that phrase as a goof. Sadly, our colleague passed away a few years back from a brain tumor. Since this is the season where food becomes the highlight of the season from now until January, I want to honor him by posting some delicious recipes.

I have an obsession with beets. I want this...right now.

Pecan pie french toast. Yes that is the picture of it at the top. Sweet God in heaven does it look fabulous!

Lemony Olive Oil Banana Bread. This looks so pretty and I imagine it would be wonderful with a an array of teas.

Shrimp and Grits casserole. I have never had grits, but I am sure I will like them and it looks darn good.

Grilled Fish Sandwich with Cabbage Slaw. I always like to seek out easy dinners and this would definitely work in a pinch.

Roasted Winter Squash and Onion Turnovers. Goodness these look divine!

My mouth is certainly watering. Time to plan which recipe to make first!


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