Sunday, November 27, 2011


Hope everyone had a lovely, fun filled Thanksgiving. We spent it with friends who live close by and it was great. The food was delicious, the company was great and we pretty much rolled home.

Yesterday we had the pleasure of seeing a dear friend that now lives outside Atlanta, Georgia. We met at another friends house and had a terrific time catching up and meeting her little 19 month old boy. At one point during the visit she announced that once her son goes back to school she would be going back to school to pursue pediatric nursing. We all commended her and moved on to various other topics.
On the ride home, my husband and I began to discuss career changes and school. As we all know, right now, the economy has pretty much beat a lot of this country's citizens into the ground. So the usual solutions thrown out is get a job, get a new career, move to a new city and all on your own time and own dime and own struggles. Now, I am not asking the government to pay for anything, but for most people to make drastic, viable changes in their lives, education is what they need, but most cannot afford to take on their first or another school loan. It seems there is a vicious cycle here being played out. With the way the cost of school is going, not many people will have the opportunity to make that change or move forward. I am not talking about the 20 year old protesting to get college lowered, they will still have a chance of sorts. I am talking about the 30, 40 even 50 year olds who have seen the writing on the wall and want to help scribble a new page in their life. How does one go from factory line worker to IT specialist? English teacher to nurse? Stay at home mom to social worker? What if you need to stay up to date in your chosen field? I need continuing education classes for massage therapy, but at the moment, cannot swing the costs. Wall after wall comes up, not just for me, but for many people.
I doubt our government has any idea how many road blocks are in place. They are the first to demand new jobs, but without any clue on how to truly help get people into these jobs. No solutions or suggestions on how to transition from the old to the new. Cost prohibitive situations make these decisions difficult and it is something we all have to handle individually. There are some solutions out there, not always good ones, and it is a lot to think about for many people. The never ending story right?

Progress is still being made on my novel and this week I need to send out my query on the other book. I was considering getting back into entering short story contests for various reasons. One of them being it is good practice. The other reasons are because your work gets viewed by fellow writers, publishers and agents and the extra bonus is you can win some cash. Now I just need to narrow down the publications and begin the grind. Happy Sunday!!


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