Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Visual Inspiration

Homes in movies, redesigns of kitchens, gardens big and small, these are a few things that can bring me a calm breath. Especially when my days are spent writing and researching various religious topics for my novel getting one overloaded on bible literalism. This is where a blog like Hooked On Houses gives me much pleasure. I really enjoy Before and Afters like this small bathroom makeover. It gets me excited for when we finally get to do our own bathroom makeover. Of course it will be nothing like taking out a few extra rooms to expand it, but using the footprint we have with no issue.
This house in Encino is lovely, but my goodness, I could not imagine cleaning that much white upholstery, rugs, walls, cabinets, etc. My white stove and cabinets always look dingy. Such a shame.
My admiration for Candice Olson has existed for a very long time and I would sell my car to have her revamp my home. Okay, I need my car, but if had the cashola, I would hire her in a NY minute.
House of Turquoise has a serious bathroom redo that makes me drool! Featured in Period Living, a UK magazine that my hubby has brought me from time to time and is one of my faves, this exquisite tub and Victorian canopy shower just begs to be admired.
I will always respect people who can DIY major renovations like gutting bathrooms and kitchens. The owners of this Brooklyn Limestone should be proud and pleased with their results. I also like that they offer tips on their site for some projects they have done.

That is it folks, I need to get back to work or else I will continue to get lost in the land of design blogs which can be too easy.


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