Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Two Films That Were Too Bad

Ever watch a movie and by the end of it you are left undecided about how you feel or if it was worth your time? I have had that happen with the last two films I watched.

Sometimes it is fun to go through Netflix by actor and see what may catch my eye. I was going though Ethan Hawke and came across "Staten Island". I read the description and a few re3views and figured, why not? Along with Mr. Hawke we have Vincent D'Onofrio and Seymour Cassel. While their performances were good, though D'Onofrio portrayed his mobster a little quirkier then what one usually sees, the story seemed a little off. A few times I sort of sat there with a furrowed brow just wondering where the hell this was all going. It seemed disjointed at times and other times it tried to have a heart while missing a beat or two. The ending was a little hard to believe, but hey, it is a movie. I believe I rated it 2 stars, or maybe it was 3. Forgive me, I have mommy brain. LOL

This morning, while I worked on my novel, I finally gave into the Netflix suggestion for me to watch the supposed comedy-drama "Your Friends and Neighbors". Let me start out by saying it is an ensemble piece and Ben Stiller was part of the ensemble. I mention this because I do not enjoy his work at all so deciding to watch it was huge. Wait, I lie, I did like him in The Royal Tenenbaums and Permanent Midnight. The latter being one of his best and most overlooked performances ever. Anyway, back to the flick I watched today. I am okay with a script being misanthropic, miserable, misogynist and every dark, ugly thing in between. This film had it and then some. All I kept thinking as I watched it was "Who the hell would want to even know these people on a social basis let alone sleep with any of them?" Every character was flawed, like us real life folk, but the flaws were so annoying and at times, repulsive, that I could not connect with a one of them. Nope, not one. The women were one dimensional, with a sneak peek at two dimensions, but it was gone before you could blink. Ditto for the men. The Jason Patric character was so revolting that I was hoping someone would come along with a sledge hammer and pummel him until he was dead. (Perhaps that shows Mr. Patric did his job and made me loathe him so, but still.) When it was all over I was dumbfounded. I rated it 2 stars.



  1. As a Staten Islander, I was very curious to see that film. It would've been kind of cool to see some local scenery in a Hollywood movie. (Years ago, Rodney Dangerfield filmed Easy Money here. Several S.I. locales were spotlighted in that film, including the diner that was "open 23 hours" that was across the street from my house.) My review of Staten Island would not be as kind as yours. I thought the movie sucked.

    And 95% of it was filmed in New Jersey.

  2. LOL Parts of Easy Money were also done in NJ as well. Funny how they stand in for each other.
    I wish Hollywood would film where they say they are instead of using places like Pittsburgh or Toronto for NJ, NY or wherever.