Tuesday, October 4, 2011

State of Wonder

Upon reading a review of Ann Patchett's book, State of Wonder, I downloaded a sample to my Kindle and read it. I liked what I read and got on my local library's wait list to get my hands on the novel. I just finished reading it and I find myself trying to figure out how I feel. I liked it. I did not love it, but I enjoyed the journey. The reasons I did not love it is because the main character, Marina, pissed me off by not standing up for herself at any point with her indomitable, former teacher/mentor, Dr. Swenson. I get Marina was emotionally stunted and that a prior awful experience in her medical residency threw her into the pharmaceutical field. But there were times, especially when she was in the Amazon, interacting once again with Dr, Swenson, where I felt she should have gotten a back bone. Then there was the whole drug company/fertility/malaria drug story that at times was a touch confusing. The novel had a few other moments throughout it where I could not suspend my disbelief. even the ending is still leaving me a little loose. I do not want to reveal spoilers because every one is entitled to find their own way through a book. There was even a moment I felt like I was in a magical realism book. Not meaning it is bad, just that if the whole books is magical realism that is great. I do not like to get blindsided with various genres in one sitting.

Star rating: 3 1/2


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