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For The Love Of Series - Please, Do Sit Down.

When I write, I like to have music or movies on to help inspire me. As of late, I have been watching the BBC One series Lark Rise to Candleford. This is based on the book by Flora Thompson which I am hoping to get my hands on at some point.
My Anglophile obsession started very young. I am not quite sure when or where it fueled into such a huge interest. The Beatles played in my house growing up and I was well aware of Buckingham Palace, but I cannot recall the exact moment my fascination kicked in and stuck. Maybe it was the stories of Peter Pan and Robin Hood, including the Errol Flynn and Disney versions, when I was a child? Regardless, it has never waned. So much so that when I Netflix a series, most of the time it ends up being part of the BBC brigade.
Now before anyone thinks I am daft, I do not have some romantic notion of British life. I am well aware of the undercurrent of incivility and injustice that lies in all societies and the UK is no different. Do we need to rehash British Empire history and class warfare to make that point? I think not. What I enjoy most when I watch a period piece is a glimpse into how life was once lived. The rituals and sometimes odd and confining traditions. You cannot imagine that I would want to be so constrained as a female was back in Jane Austen's days. One thing I have always envied in the English? Tea time. That's right. A tradition that can be replicated anywhere and every day. If only I could do it everyday. Laugh all you want, it is a wonderful way to wile away the afternoon. Victorian Trading Company has all the esssentials needed to host such a soiree as well.

Getting back in step with the theme of series watching: We are still in the throes of watching the BBC show MI-5 which is fantastic. I wonder what will come next after I complete Lark Rise to Candleford. Maybe I will pick something more current instead of a period piece. Though I love them so.
We also just finished Arrested Development. Everyone's delivery of dialogue, the dark, twisted humor. That show was so off the cuff and so brilliant. Lucille Bluth (Jessica Walter) was HILARIOUS. I now have a huge crush on Jason Bateman too. Then again, who wouldn't? haha *Happy feet dance here: I just read on Gizmodo that Netflix is looking to revive the show by having it become part of original programming. That means we will get season 4 and the movie. Whoo hoo!!!

My writing has been moving along, praise the teenage Jesus, and I have this funny notion that I will have the book completed and edited before I give birth. I am not sure if the expectation is rational, but I would like to have it done and sent out to an agent before December. Fingers crossed my friends, fingers crossed.



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