Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Who Needs Editors?

The Smart Bitches blog did a two part series called "Ask The Editor". May I say my ire rose quite a few times in response to the editor's answers on certain questions. Let me share just a few things that made me want to scream. You learn why authors such as James Patterson and Nora Roberts can publish a few bad books and keep going. Hell, they are the money makers and as such get massive passes. They feed the machine and let the publishing house pick up an unknown here and there thanks to the big bucks crankers. I have no problem with that. I have a problem when the big money makers can get away with filling in the blanks and it is considered good to publish because it is by "So and so".
You also find out if you are trying to break into the business, your manuscript better be as close to perfect as possible. I am doing my best to create and send in something that could pretty much just be put out to the public, but I do not like that big names can phone it in and are given a pass. Yes, I sound embittered and I am. I find this to be unfair and even though it is how the world works it puts a huge ass bee in my bonnet.
There was also the point of there are no fact checkers really so it is left entirely up to the author to do their homework. I have no problem doing the leg work, last night I had the pleasure of researching surfing and deaths caused during surfing, good times, but it would be helpful to have someone with a more educated eye make sure I got the scene right or notice a glaring error.
Needless to say, I ended up pissed off and commented on both posts. I am sure I am seen as a bratty, unpublished shrew, so be it. Some of the answers from Editor X made me realize why so many up and comers are going the self publishing route. Based on sheer frustration some authors are willing to undertake all the insane busy work like editing, jacket design, promotion, etc. Then again, if you can handle all of that, what purpose do the editors and publishers serve anymore? Makes one really think that is for sure.

Read part one and part two yourselves and take away from it what you will.


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