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Vacation and Irene

Last week I had the pleasure of renting a cabin with the hubby and dog in Asheville, NC. We had been there about 4 years ago and loved it so this time we decided to spend a nice amount of time there. We stayed at this delightful cabin in East Asheville called Azalea Mountain Cabin. It was conveniently located to everything and had a nice size yard for Isadora to hang out and play in with a cool porch in front and nice deck in back. The other plus was that it was secluded which made it really nice. Very quiet at night. The interesting thing was we had no cell phone or internet service at the cabin. Thankfully the cabin had a landline if one needed to make a call for whatever reason. We got to visit the NC Arboretum which made us both rethink how one landscapes their yard. When my inlaws came for an overnight visit with my brother in law and nephew we took them to the WNC Nature Center. One of my favorite places is Malaprops Bookstore and we took the family there before we went and had …

Words As Art

I have officially decided to divorce my sinuses. This is the second infection in about a month and a half, two months. Someone suggested I get an air purifier which I am going to look into. I have been using a neti pot which is sort of funky feeling, but it helps.
Writing has been cumbersome. This is because I gave myself writer's block by changing something so I deserve to be frustrated. I just keep thinking, "this too shall pass" and every other cliched saying you can come up with. Like I said, it is my own fault, but I gotta suck it up and get it done. I have given myself a deadline of end of the month> I am not sure if this is wise and who knows? I may end up setting my Kindle on fire, I doubt it, but it is in front of me and so it is the lucky choice. Once I get a move on I will be fine, but this stop and start and crazy story line hijacking on my part has got to stop.
A friend decided she wants to get a tattoo of Alice in Wonderland slaying the Jabberwocky. A sea…

Jumbled In My Head

My mind is an odd place to be for various reasons. Query letters, plot ideas, revamping old stories, thinking of new do I make it stop? Today I heard a song on the radio that reminded me of a novel a wrote at least two years ago. I had sent a query into Carina Press and they rejected it, which was probably wise on their part. I am certain if I was to open that novel now I would be horrified by the mistakes I must have made. The funny thing, as I listened to the song I had this urge to get onto my computer, rip open the file and rework the book. First off, it was a true blue romance novel. Unrequited love at its best. Or with my poor structure and writing at its worst. Second, if I was to blaze through it and fix it, would I want that to be the first thing that sells and get pigeonholed? Why is this a dilemma? Why do I care? Because genres are important to fans, publishers and writers. I can't say I would want to write a love story all the time, but if it pays the bills a…