Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thanks George R.R. Martin

I have never read the beloved series, "A Song of Fire and Ice" nor have I seen "Game of Thrones." As those who read my blog know, I have not had much luck with series, except Thursday Next, so I hesitate about picking up this one. I do know those that have read it love it and wait with baited breath for each new release.
This wait has caused ire among some of his fans because his most recent release took six years for him to complete. I have written on this blog before about Neil Gaiman's awesome response back in May 2009 to an irate George R.R. Martin fan who had reached out to Neil to ask if it was unrealistic to believe Mr. Martin was letting him down by not getting the book done in a timely fashion. If you never read it, please do since it is pretty much right on in regards to what most writer's go through.
The reason I have brought up Mr. Martin is that Entertainment Weekly has been doing numerous interviews with the author George R.R. Martin and the huge span between his last and current book is addressed. What I love most is Mr. Martin's answer about what happened during those six years when fan impatience became so intense that a mere blog post by the author suggesting he was doing something else besides writing caused an uproar among his fans.
His reply: "I never had the sort of writer's block where I didn't go near the typewriter. But I had days where I would sit there and couldn't write and I would spend all day answering emails, or I would rewrite and couldn't go forward."

This is exactly what I have been going through the last few weeks. How refreshing to read a well known author with a ravenous following has the same issues. I feel more fortunate though that I do not have fans berating me to other author's or lambasting me on their blogs. I am sure it did not bother him, but it is frustrating when you are a writer and have days where, in truth, the characters, the storyline, all of it just sits there and you are stuck. Or like myself, you figure out what is wrong with the story, then decide to rewrite and fix the issue, hence unleashing a whole new set of hurdles. The never ending creative process sometimes seems bleak, but there is light, it just takes longer to get to it sometimes.
I can also appreciate people wanting to get their hands on the next level of the story, but I wonder if his series is more intense and written much better then some of the series I have read? The ones were they get churned out every six months or so just seem like fill in the blank. I cannot imagine that his books are like that. Looks like I might have to check them out.


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  1. I've never heard of the TV series (I seldom watch TV) and only just been made aware of the books. I hear they're good although fantasy isn't really my thing, but I'm hesitant to start. I'd hate to invest my time in a whole series for naught.