Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Subtlety is Key

The past two weeks I have been suckered into watching some very heavy shows. One of them is season 2 of "Sleeper Cell" and the other is "MI 5". Both shows deal with the government, spooks and terrorists. Some days I need a break from all the Islamic terrorism and Russia trying to gain world power with their oil. The shows are well written, not overly dramatic and makes one think. I am not going to be addressing "Sleeper Cell", but if you can catch it, it is on Netflix watch instantly. The content order is incorrect, but members have posted the correct order for people to view it. Hopefully Netflix fixes the issue soon.
Okay. A few friends had recommended the show "24" which I began watching yesterday. The concept is an interesting one, but I am having a hard time suspending disbelief with the story lines. There is one scene where two parents are tyring to find their missing kids, get pulled over by an LAPD cop who seems so intent on giving them a ticket instead of helping them. Sure this has probably happened, but any normal human would recognize frantic parents desperate to find their children.
The oddest thing about me not being enamored by "24" so far is it is similar to "MI 5". Intense story lines, lots of action. The difference is that I prefer subtlety when it comes to acting. I do not need everyone screaming and yelling and over dramatizing every line and scene. The Brits do that very well. When something intense is happening on "MI 5", I do not have characters screaming at one another, acting like petulant children. That seems to go on a lot on "24".
The best thing about being a writer and watching these shows is you learn how to dial things down or be over the top. It is a personal choice what one chooses because, depending on the story, you have to decide what direction the story needs to go and how the characters need to behave.
All the shows I have mentioned, regardless of my opinion, do have interesting angles on espionage and touches of brilliance. Which is very helpful for any kind of writer.


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