Friday, July 29, 2011

Bad Writing Abounds In Twilight Novels

I have never had the desire to read the "Twilight" series. What I knew about them sounded like a bad young adult novel and I could not be bothered. Besides, I read Anne Rice's Vampire Series years ago, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but that was enough vampire lore for me.
I have a very good friend that loves "Twilight". One day I saw her book on the table, picked it up, read one page, threw the book down and said to my husband, "This is written like absolute crap!"
And yet the books are best selling series and the author makes millions. Bless her heart.
I hate dumbed down books and I really hate books written as if the author never took an English class. Oddly enough, Ms. Meyer was an English major, go figure.
From what I have read in regards to the Twilight books and heard during conversations about the beloved series, I know that I do not like her main characters. They sound like people that would fall under Too Stupid Too Live for me. A vapid, needs to be loved so bad, loner girlfriend and the dominant, heavy handed, stalker boyfriend. But what I disliked more than anything was that glimpse of poor writing. There are millions around the world who think those books are as good as it gets. God save us.
I have been happy to find out that I am not the only one who loathes snippets of the awful. Or in the case of "Twilight" and its spawn, constant awful of immense magnitudes. The blog "Reasoning With Vampires" goes page by page to pick out the insanity. As you comb through you have to wonder if the editor took a vacation or just decided, "To hell with it, this should sell anyway."
Here are the archives which is just filled with little gems.
JeffMcGinnis of the Toledo Free Press did an interview with Dana of RWV that gives insight into what made her take on this arduous task.

I may sound catty, but I believe when one writes a book, even a book full of fluff, you should aim high not mid ground or lower.


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  1. Agreed! There's a book called "38 writing mistakes and how to avoid them." Stephanie Meyer makes many, many of the crucial writing faux-pas that are mentioned in that guide. I myself could write a refererence book to point out all the bad examples of twilight's so frustrating to see bad story-telling in such notoriety, but it gives me hope to know that anything I write is going to be that much better.