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Roadblock or a Sign?

I have hit a snafu and I am none too pleased about it either.

While working on my Angel of Death story, I realized what I was having one of the main characters do as her purpose left way too much free time. This means I need to reconfigure a major part of the story and change it.


Now I have to figure out how it effects the story. By eliminating the specifics does it open up possibilities or kill it? Nothing like sabotaging your own work while going over stuff and doing research. Research I had done before, but did not really look at the statistics it seems.


Of course, all I need to do it remove the original premise of what she was doing and step back. This story can still work, but will need a rehaul. And as we all know, I am now a champ at doing rehauls when it comes to story writing. This means the whole plot line can change, well, not the core, but the reasons I had certain events take place. Major events mind you.

Dammit again and again.

But wait, maybe, just maybe, if I take a moment here, this is a good thing. Yesterday, I had one of my all time favorite movies on while writing. The Grifters. Right then I got the urge to read it and of course my library does not have it, but could get it for me. This then compelled me to read the Wikipedia entry on the author Jim Thompson and as I read about this man, I got this overwhelming feeling that this Angel book could be pulp fiction/noir. I started to wonder if it was dark enough. Should it be? Sure there are parts that are pretty damn funny, some a little dark even. But should I go the Thompson route and have some serious and heinous character flaws be present in those closest to the Almighty? Inspiration does strike in odd places no? This made me think about all the light hearted books written about Angles, relationships, how romance is never ugly in certain books and we all expect this wonderful solid happily ever after. As a somewhat cynical person, I know I have it in me to write some pretty dark stuff, but for some reason I was looking at the story as more of a happy land-some turmoil, but it is all gonna be alright kind of story. Now this has me thinking, maybe that is all wrong. Why else would this snafu have come up? I should take it as a sign and let this 'accidental' roadblock allow me to find the proper detour. After all, I am not writing to a specific audience as of yet. Hmmmm, this is why I need to write things out on this blog. We see problems differently when they are out of our heads don't we? Amen.

On a lighter note, I think I got my four line pitch for my other novel. I don't want to get too excited, but Booyah! Okay. Now to find the next round of agents who get the four liner.



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