Thursday, June 23, 2011

Modern Designs in the Home

Modernism and I only get along in small doses. The too clean lines, pristine white walls and low furniture do not do it for me. But, that does not mean I can't conjure up an appreciation for well thought out concepts and designs. Lately I have seen things that make me reconsider who modernism can be in the home and how well it can be executed.

After lightening struck their home, the owners decided to update their kitchen to a more modern look. I think this works brilliantly, though I would most likely never have done that in our kitchen.

This house on Fire Island is exactly what I loathe, the all white, etc. but I can appreciate the use of colorful touches throughout.

I am sure black is as hard to keep clean as white is, but my God, this Attic Studio in Stockholm is gorgeous and I could live there without issue.

Love the skylights, hate the clutter and open shelving in this English kitchen.

The windows in this Lopez Island residence are amazing. I even love the exterior.


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