Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Author Don't

Things have been a whirlwind these last few weeks with a visit from the in laws and a bunch of other crazy things going on. This sort of threw off my writing schedule, which I admit made me frustrated, but I had to suck it up. I am getting back on track with writing as well as reading some of my favorite blogs.
One of my favorites that I have mentioned before is Smart Bitches Trashy Books. They have a great on going series called "Help A Bitch Out". You read a romance novel a decade or so ago. You cannot recall the name but would love to read it again. You send it in to Smart Bitches and BAM! Comments and suggestions abound.
A recent post was titled: HaBO- Her Husband Was A Little Person

The book seems to have been Lady Jane and there was some great discussions about the need for more diverse heroes like a little person. Then someone asked what was more appropriate, "dwarf' or "little person". This then brought on a discussion about what to call people when you do not know them, what is PC, what is inappropriate, etc. Needless to say, there is always that one person in the bunch who gets nasty and keeps going.
What bothered me is the one poster got down right fresh and condescending with people who disagreed with her, who challenged her and she even questioned others who claimed to know more about a topic then she did. The real kicker was this woman is a published author. Now, I can get behind the fact that people have differing opinions and relish a dam n good discussion. What I do not care for is reading insults directed at others who were not trying to engage another in some type of battle of the sexes. I doubt the author would care, but because of how she addressed everyone and was so self righteous, I would never buy one of her books or recommend them, no matter how good they may be.
On a whim, I went back to the post just now and she apologized to one of the women she was unnecessarily snarky with. While I appreciate that, it would have been better if she had considered the fact that blogs, emails, etc do not always convey emotion which means one must be very careful with how they word things and speak to others. Clearly she needed a day to realize there were cultural and age differences in play with everyone involved which made her reconsider how harsh she was to some and offer an olive branch. I can appreciate that, but her first impression on me was not a good one. We'll see if I allow a second.


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