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Franchising an Author

Hail thee Nora Roberts.
She is worshiped up on high and is considered one of the more prolific authors of our time. Now, how anyone can crank out as many books as she does a year is beyond me. Maybe once you have the formula down it is easy peasy. Or maybe, just maybe, there is a ghostwriter involved. She claims to write all her own books, but I call bullshit. When I had read a few books from the "In Death" series, I felt like she dictated a Mad libs or phoned it in from a vacation home. Hence I never finished it or liked it. Same as Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series or Hamilton's Anita Blake series. I know I have discussed them before and it quite clear I am not a series type reader, except for Fforde's Thursday Next, but I am impressed by the fans who gush at every publication. Blinded by reused plot lines, poor writing, typos, editing errors and the same sex scenes used over and over. Example: Every time Roarke touched Eve I knew just where his hands would go …

A little infection and antiques

I had a pretty bad sinus infection the past 5 days. I could barely lift my head or get comfy and using a computer was pretty much not going to happen unless it was to try and watch a film. writing was impossible as well, but thanks to the gift that is amoxicillin, I am recovering quite well and able to get back on track with my storytelling.
I love this post on furniture that no one really uses anymore, but some still love. As far as antiques go, I adore telephone tables and would enjoy having one to use. Pie safes are also up there for me. I would love to have one in my kitchen to store all my bulk jarred goodies. Maybe have it built into an alcove.
Since I am still a little knocked out, I am off to nap and hope to get back to regular posting soon.
Cheers! MissFifi

Modern Designs in the Home

Modernism and I only get along in small doses. The too clean lines, pristine white walls and low furniture do not do it for me. But, that does not mean I can't conjure up an appreciation for well thought out concepts and designs. Lately I have seen things that make me reconsider who modernism can be in the home and how well it can be executed.
After lightening struck their home, the owners decided to update their kitchen to a more modern look. I think this works brilliantly, though I would most likely never have done that in our kitchen.
This house on Fire Island is exactly what I loathe, the all white, etc. but I can appreciate the use of colorful touches throughout.
I am sure black is as hard to keep clean as white is, but my God, this Attic Studio in Stockholm is gorgeous and I could live there without issue.
Love the skylights, hate the clutter and open shelving in this English kitchen.
The windows in this Lopez Island residence are amazing. I even love the exterior.
Cheers! MissFi…

An Author Don't

Things have been a whirlwind these last few weeks with a visit from the in laws and a bunch of other crazy things going on. This sort of threw off my writing schedule, which I admit made me frustrated, but I had to suck it up. I am getting back on track with writing as well as reading some of my favorite blogs.One of my favorites that I have mentioned before is Smart Bitches Trashy Books. They have a great on going series called "Help A Bitch Out". You read a romance novel a decade or so ago. You cannot recall the name but would love to read it again. You send it in to Smart Bitches and BAM! Comments and suggestions abound. A recent post was titled: HaBO- Her Husband Was A Little Person
The book seems to have been Lady Jane and there was some great discussions about the need for more diverse heroes like a little person. Then someone asked what was more appropriate, "dwarf' or "little person". This then brought on a discussion about what to call people when y…

Sometimes all you can do is laugh

Thanks to Neil Gaiman's Journal, he really rocks, I have been introduced to a site that will most definitely be bookmarked.
This Is Not The Six Word Novel by Jen Campbell has interviews with writers, discusses her own writing process and the book industry, but the posts singled out by Mr. Gaiman are titled "Weird Things Customers Say". Ms. Campbell works in a bookshop called "Ripping Yarns" and for the Love of God this poor woman is subjected to some unbelievable insanity which proves once again that truth is really stranger than fiction.
Here is a quick sample:
Customer: Do you have a copy of 1986?
Me: 1986?
Customer: Yeah, Orwell.
Me: Oh – 1984.
Customer: No, I'm sure it's 1986; I always remember it because it's the year I was born.
Me: ...
And that my friends is just the beginning...
Cheers! MissFifi

Roadblock or a Sign?

I have hit a snafu and I am none too pleased about it either.
While working on my Angel of Death story, I realized what I was having one of the main characters do as her purpose left way too much free time. This means I need to reconfigure a major part of the story and change it.
Now I have to figure out how it effects the story. By eliminating the specifics does it open up possibilities or kill it? Nothing like sabotaging your own work while going over stuff and doing research. Research I had done before, but did not really look at the statistics it seems.
Of course, all I need to do it remove the original premise of what she was doing and step back. This story can still work, but will need a rehaul. And as we all know, I am now a champ at doing rehauls when it comes to story writing. This means the whole plot line can change, well, not the core, but the reasons I had certain events take place. Major events mind you.
Dammit again and again.
But wait, maybe, just maybe, if I …

The Four Line Pitch

Today was a day of napping and a lot of tea and orange juice. My husband and I caught a summer cold, which sucks, but we are doing better now.One good thing is I have finished editing my novel about Enforcement Agents aka Hunters in a dystopian/utopian society. Of course I continue to pull my hair out over the inevitable query letter. But wait, there is more! I am not talking about the ones we all see on Query Shark or agents blogs, no,no, no! I have decided I want to make my brain explode and go for the four line pitch. Yup, you read that right. Sum up an 84,000+ word novel in four lines. You may wonder why I am choosing this line of torture and to be honest, I am not one hundred percent sure. On one hand I figure if I can tell you about my book in four lines, I am pretty damn good, if I cannot, I must really suck. Okay, not true, but I think it is an interesting approach in today's ADD filled world. Jillian Manus of Manus and Associates Literary Agency gave a terrific speech on …