Friday, May 20, 2011

Funky Friday

I have become obsessed with 'Hoarders'. I am on season 3 and absolutely cannot stop watching. I do not watch it and think, "Hey, I am better than these folks." I watch it and cringe in horror at human feces lining stairs, dead animals, dust that is causing children's asthma. I watch it wondering what clicks in some brains to make them shut down to the filth and degradation surrounding them. Some are obvious. A major trauma, depression. Other cases it is clear there is a mental illness, but which one I have no idea. What is upsetting is seeing posters on boards about this show saying these people are all "lazy, obese and stupid." Apparently watching the show has not taught them anything in regards to mental illness. This concerns me. Mental Illness is serious and it manifests in many different ways. Hoarding is one of them. To write it off as just laziness is an easy way to excuse one's moral obligation to give a damn. It is way more complex and frustrating than that.
Here is my opportunity to sound heartless. They cost taxpayers a lot of money what with court costs, social workers, animal control, etc. I sure as hell do not want to foot that bill, but you cannot force people to do things if they do not perceive an issue. I admit I freak out when they refuse therapy and are adamant about they have the right to live as they want, but I beg to differ. When Hazmat is at your house along with the health department, you no longer get a say. You are putting others at risk and for all my freedom of choice talk, I do not want roaches or rats in my home. I do want these folks to get help if only for the sake of their families.
This is not an easy show to sit through, but I recommend it because it does give one some insight on what it is like dealing with a debilitating mental illness that has no outward appearance.

Mike Rowe asks Congress to support more "Dirty Jobs" I am a big believer in education. At every level, which includes blue collar work. Blue Collar is looked down upon by most people. Like it is dirty and for remedial folks who could not cut it in college. Offensive view, but it exists. We need plumbers, electricians and carpenters and his speech is all about encouraging skilled positions in trades, transportation and utilities. Not that he is against one wanting to be a financier, teacher, doctor, but how we also need those who do with their hands. Skilled laborers are a necessity and he words it all beautifully.

Writing has been going bad. There I said it. I am a little frustrated with myself and wish I could make the process go faster, but I can't. I do have a sort of mental deadline to get certain things done and in a way that has relieved some of the crappiness I feel. Once I am done editing this book it is back to the Angels I go and to be honest, I can't wait. I have been distracted, with good reason, but I need to get back on track. So after I switch out the laundry, I am off to edit and clean it up quicker so momma can move forward and get this show on the road.

Have a wonderful, Rapture-free weekend.



  1. I chose to become a steel worker out of high school. Personally, I could never be happy working in an office and I knew this at a young age. The pay, benefits, pension are all great and I have fun all day. Physically, it's demanding and one can be easily injured or killed, but at the same time, the job keeps you in great shape. As well as relieving stress, having a physical job balances the mental concentration needed to write.

    So there. I guess I do have it pretty good. Happy Rapture-free weekend to you too. :)

  2. I agree that physical work helps with balance and you are very fortunate to have found that.

  3. I too love this show...makes me get up and clean my bathroom every time :)