Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Design, design, design

I love vintage. Be it shoes, clothes, furniture and even appliances. Apartment Therapy has a post called "Vintage Stoves in New England Kitchens" and I admit I really love the lines, the style, the uniqueness of the stoves pictured. Sure they may not be entirely practical, but so what? We can all dream.

I loathe the whole "staging" process of homes. It amazes me that people that are potential buyers cannot walk in a home and see past what others have. Sad that so many lack imagination. Having to paint walls neutral and remove personal touches seem so stupid to me, but I am not in real estate so what do I know. Here and here are prime examples of a very expensive brownstone in Brooklyn that has been staged. What do you think? Myself, meh. I prefer personality in a place when I see it. This looks like a West Elm/Design Within Reach catalog display.

Great post by Made By Girl on "Front Doors on the Upper East Side". NYC is one of those places where you have the opportunity to see perfect architectural details up close. Out here in suburbia though, doors seem to be forgotten. They are either Home Depot manufactured or those with the big bucks have them custom made. Personally, I have always wanted a door with a knob in the middle. Whenever I watch a series, usually Masterpiece Theater or BBC, the knob appears on some grand home or townhouse and I drool every time. What a spectacular entrance this would be to our house. One day I may have to track a door like this down, but Lord knows what they cost so for now, let me just admire from afar.

I have no idea how I would turn this into art, but I love this reproduction vintage antique padlock.

Voila Gallery is like a deranged, yet elegant curiosity shop. Oh to have the money to buy some of these lovely goodies.


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