Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Wire in the Blood

It felt good to vent yesterday. Everyone needs to complain and rant about insignificant and significant things from time to time. Helps clear the mind really. Of course I am not railing against authors personally. I just do not believe I have to fake being a fan of someone's work because they are bestsellers or popular. Nor do I believe I have to read them, enjoy them or fear to critique them because everyone claims them to be second coming. I have no interest in Stephenie Meyer or her 'Twilight' series, but I certainly do not wish her any ill will.

I have just begun watching the ITV series Wire in the Blood. The main character, clinical psychologist Dr. Tony Hill, was created by author Val McDermid. She calls her work Tartan Noir a clever title which I love. A real hard core crime series could be an interesting addition to my must read list. I am curious to how someone puts together an intense crime story and not show the hand of the killer ahead of time.


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