Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What am I doing?

Writing. As always.
My query letter has not been chosen for the workshop or answered yet, but that works for me. It actually gives me time to keep plugging away and working out my kinks. Bookends blog had a great post about making your query one paragraph or less. I am hoping to work on that later this week. If I can do that, hell, I can do anything ;-)

Here is something I have been pondering, what is the draw of a woman being a virgin in romance and erotica? A novella I read, which was not that great, had every single female character be a virgin and of course, beautiful. There was no virtuous reason as to why they were virgins, it was never even discussed. It was as if each writer, which was female mind you, felt it was best to have the female protagonist be untouched by man. Until their hero came along with his strapping bod and gorgeous face and brilliant mind to ravish the for the rest of their days. Now, I can see if I was writing Christian romances, both hero and heroine would need to be virginal and pure. This is not the case with what I was reading. Actually, the more I read some erotica, the more I come across these sensual non-sexual females. Not that I think everyone should be slutting about the globe, but there is something misogynistic to me when you write romance or erotica and everyone else has had experience, even a kiss, except the female lead. Again, I have read Amish Romance novels and it is clear why the main characters behave how they do. When it is a BDSM novel I have to laugh. Sure you can have a novice submissive and this is their first experience, but a seasoned Mistress? Hard for me to suspend disbelief. I try though and sometimes it works, others, not so much.

This is the trailer for The Bullying Project which makes me want to pull a Kesyer Soze on some of the parents of the children that are hurting these kids.


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