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What am I doing?

Writing. As always.
My query letter has not been chosen for the workshop or answered yet, but that works for me. It actually gives me time to keep plugging away and working out my kinks. Bookends blog had a great post about making your query one paragraph or less. I am hoping to work on that later this week. If I can do that, hell, I can do anything ;-)

Here is something I have been pondering, what is the draw of a woman being a virgin in romance and erotica? A novella I read, which was not that great, had every single female character be a virgin and of course, beautiful. There was no virtuous reason as to why they were virgins, it was never even discussed. It was as if each writer, which was female mind you, felt it was best to have the female protagonist be untouched by man. Until their hero came along with his strapping bod and gorgeous face and brilliant mind to ravish the for the rest of their days. Now, I can see if I was writing Christian romances, both hero and heroine would need to be virginal and pure. This is not the case with what I was reading. Actually, the more I read some erotica, the more I come across these sensual non-sexual females. Not that I think everyone should be slutting about the globe, but there is something misogynistic to me when you write romance or erotica and everyone else has had experience, even a kiss, except the female lead. Again, I have read Amish Romance novels and it is clear why the main characters behave how they do. When it is a BDSM novel I have to laugh. Sure you can have a novice submissive and this is their first experience, but a seasoned Mistress? Hard for me to suspend disbelief. I try though and sometimes it works, others, not so much.

This is the trailer for The Bullying Project which makes me want to pull a Kesyer Soze on some of the parents of the children that are hurting these kids.



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A little bit of this and a little bit of that

I have made a painting for our living room where I sewed a dress onto a canvas. Now I need pages from a decadent book, get them on there and the piece will be complete. I will take a picture once it is done to share. It was a lot of fun to do and if I knew I could make money selling them, I would do more.

We have decided to forgo a built in bookcase in the living room. While I love the whole idea of some accent piece in the living room,I would rather it be the books and art work, not the bookcase/media center that would be holding it. So now we are looking at furniture similar to this console from Ballard Design. Just at a much better price.

This display from the blog Chic Provence makes me want to grow wisteria for the rest of my life and only dine under a fabulous pergola.

Theresa Burger, I love, love, love your resin rings.

Ahhh, one of my favorite all time songs by Dead Can Dance called Indus. It is sublime.

As a former jewelry designer who knew how to work as a metalsmith and with wa…


And not necessarily a wise one. Human beings like to collect things. Whether it is comic books, Dr Who paraphernalia, baseball cards, guns or weird cat art, for some reason we have a need to hunt and gather. I am not very good at things like Ebay or Craigslist. I basically suck at bidding and I get lazy about checking every hour for the possibility that someone may have posted/listed something I want.

Until now.

Recently I have gotten a bee in my big ass bonnet to locate a great deal on the following furniture pieces.

Hoosier Cabinet

I want this awesome piece of furniture for my kitchen so I can eliminate most of my upper cabinets and have a place for flour to sift out of because that would make me so cool. Some are wood, some are retro metal, all that matters it is a multi-functional piece of art that would be amazing to own..

Pie Safe

I don't make pies and that is irrelevant to my desire for one of these.

Vintage Ice Box

Where would I even use this? I don't care. We can addres…

A Good Book Here, A Good Book There

Took a hiatus. Yeah, I am sure you all noticed. Been trying to get things moving along and with that I had to slack and so I slacked on the blog. Now allow me to share our little artificial tree that our son and his grandma decorated with glee.

In the last two months or so, I no longer bring my computer upstairs. Instead I have started to read at night. While this may not sound like any big deal, it is a little for me. I love to read, but due to school, home, obligations, and writing a novel, I somehow pushed reading an actual book to the side.  Like a lot of folks I got more caught up in the rabbit hole of the internet. Now, I do love getting sucked down various rabbit holes, but I also felt that I needed to actually unplug.
Allow me to sidebar a bit here.

I had been struggling with my book for a very long time. In the last 6 months or so it got worse. I had lost the true nature of the story and could no longer hear the character voice. I am not the first writer this has happened to…