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Self-reproach is fun!

Hell = Query Letters

Another rejection has made it quite clear that I need to stop soliciting, start reworking and get it to Query Shark pronto. I had intentions to work on my query today, but life gets in the way and that is what I want to talk/vent about.
Most authors would say you should be able to write with distractions around you. I have and I do most days. A special needs dog means whining is an indication she needs water, to go out, a hug, to play or some other request she cannot get to herself. Laundry, dinner, gym, whatever has to get done, has to get done. Writing becomes sporadic, choppy and then block can kick in. Sometimes the distractions help with a story line, but I admit that I wish that I could go away for a week, to a cabin in the mountains or a shack on a beach, unencumbered. All I would have to do is eat when I want and sleep when I want. Other than that I get to write non-stop without interruption. Who is to say if this little fantasy of mine will ever come to fruition, but it would be nice. In lieu of that, I need to change my current writing schedule. It is time I start getting up way earlier then I currently do. My hubby's alarm goes off for work and sometimes I hang out in bed, reading. Not anymore. I need to set my alarm for 6am and get writing. How can I expect to achieve goals I set for myself when I am losing precious time that could be used for working? By getting up that much earlier, I will actually have some time alone and can focus on the query letters and the synopsis. Arduous tasks for me, but ones that must be conquered.

As I write this post, my dog is whining because she wants to eat. This is thanks to my darling husband who fed her early a few days and now I have to deal with it. Seems a small inconvenience I am sure, but trust me, a whining special needs dog is like a whining child. You will snap and scream so loud that birds will flee from your yard. I am not proud that her whining can upset me, but on some days it is tougher to soldier through then others. C'est la vie.

Writer's Digest has a few contests coming up which I am thinking of entering. It has been awhile since I have written a short story, but I think the challenge could do me some good. There are a few ideas I had put to the side until I could focus on them so this may be the right opportunity. Plus I think it is good to try and get a short story published. Then I can add that to my new and improved query letter.

On a lighter note, I could see me working in this house in Malibu.



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