Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roses and Rum Punch

Ever since I have hit a very funky, weird and despondent mood, I have been thinking about planting roses. I was warned off of them by a friend and fellow gardener who promised that those beautiful flowers will bring pestilence, disease and destroy all others surrounding them. Did I really want to commit to the upkeep of something that potentially could just wilt away? Or would I rather stick to flowers that were hardly any trouble at all? Decent points really, but then another friends suggested roses saying how they make a garden look elegant and grand and that there are many disease resistant varieties out there now.
The truth is, I love roses. Not for weddings or Valentine's Day, but rose bushes and roses that trellis. Roses that remind my of my grandmother and where I grew up in New Jersey. What I have noticed is that when you look at most landscaped homes or garden, there is very rarely roses. They are not just the quintessential English garden flower to me, they represent why people had enormous gardens in the first place. I would love a vast rose garden, vast in my world is like 6 x 6, but let us not forget...deer.

I love watching the deer stroll through my yard and drink from my bird bath. I do not enjoy noticing that one or all of the fawns nibbled my sage plant. I think I should place a sign in that area that reads "Welcome to my yard. My sage, thyme, oregano and lavender are supposedly not to your liking." These youngsters act as if they have never all the books and posts on deer resistant plants. Little hooligans. It seems roses are like a Chinese Buffet to deer and I am not looking to serve the best meal in town. If I want roses, I must protect them with a fence and companion plants.

When I did research on Rutgers Co-op extension site, I discovered the lovely Rose Campion.

I will be growing this since a sea of these would make me smile every day. Of course I have no idea where and since the deer are none to fond of it, but I know better and brace myself, I should be safe. At least, I hope I am. More research needs to be done, but if I plunge forward, I hope to document with photos as well.

Elmore Leonard is a revered writer among those who want to be King of Novels. I only ever read a short story of his then a good friend recommended I read Rum Punch. Today I went to the library and picked up the book. The opening line hooked me and now I live to hole up somewhere and enjoy.
As a writer, there is nothing more on point and terrifying then his Ten Rules of Writing. Now, no one is saying every one should do what Mr. Leonard does, BUT I wish to hell some romance writers would take heed of a few of these. I enjoy a good romance, but over description is the name of the game in those books. Characters are described down to the last birth mark and the worst is that it is usually done more then once. I have no idea if the writer thinks most readers have no memory or is it just that they really enjoying rehashing the tightness of Thor's buttocks and rippling abs. How may times must I be reminded what a strapping hulk of sensual the Hero looks like? Far be it for me to leave out Madame Heroine, for she is the most beautiful, but cannot find love, woman in the world. Gag me with a spoon.
I realize I am just not the perfect audience for certain genres, especially some romance novels. To be clear, Bet Me was one of the best, partly realistic romances I have ever read. I know romance is about fantasy, but sometimes it is too fantastical and so phoned in that I have a hemorrhage.
Well, enough of that, Elmore, here I come.


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