Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ramble, ramble

I just came across these cool shed/house/yoga studio/writer spaces by Kanga out of Austin. Texas. I would love a little backyard cottage or shed where I can go write for a few hours. Plus it would be nice to surrounded by my gardens and all the birds. Le sigh.

This is the BRIGHTEST WHITEST kitchen, I have ever seen.

Misspellings Ahoy! They happen and can be a nightmare. One of the most common I have come across is using 'through' for 'throw'. A few posters on blogs, most likely writing in haste, do not even notice, but for some reason it is irking me like crazy.

Inexplicably I have gone back to my bounty hunter story and changed the title and started to edit it once again. What is really weird about it is I feel the character's voice coming out much stronger and I am feeling more confident about doing the query letter. Go figure.

With the storms in our are, rain and high winds are fun, our basement has a little flooding so the dear hubby is currently using the wet vac to clean it up. We have things we need to fix in our uneven yard to help with erosion and whatnot. Plantings, dirt, adding pipe under the patio for drainage, are all things we will be doing in the near future.


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