Saturday, April 30, 2011

Grass free gardens

After spending most of the day planting, the idea of a grassless front lawn is something I can get behind. That's right, no lawn. Yeah, eat it grass! Actually, I like grass, but I do not like having to constantly weed out the chickweed, dandelions, farmer's weed and various other invaders. I am a fan of ground covers like creeping thyme, blue rug juniper and forget me nots. The idea of not having to mow all the time is quite appealing.

Today I planted petunias in pots in front of our house. Put some lemon balm and bee balm in the brier patch area and a bunch of herbs around out veggie garden. Parsley, marjoram, spearmint and rosemary. We put kale and swiss chard in the veggie garden and planted Russian sage on the side of the house where we had taken down all those awful hedges. We also bought a pretty bot for the rock harden and I put vinca and red spike in there. Of course this will all evolve over time. Right now everything is small and will grow over the summer and hopefully come back bigger next year too.


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