Monday, April 4, 2011

And they just keep coming

Not all authors are overly sensitive just like not all reviewers are failed writers taking their ire out on the published author. But seriously, what is with all the author melt downs of late?

Sylvia Massara went into a snit fit when a reviewer at Book Binge, did not love her book. Nothing personal, she just did not enjoy the character and explained what she disliked about the story. No shocker here, this happens. We writers will not move everyone's heaven and earth. Now please, understand that and do not bash the reviewer. Unless there is a personal attack and someone insults your or your family, there is no reason to get upset. What the author should do is thank the reviewer, realize it was not their cup of tea and rest assured there is an audience out there for the book.

Words to the wise - The internet moves fast my friends and can help make or break your career. Can the emotions before you fire off a nasty response. You never know who is reading these blogs. Any publisher, agent, fellow author and blogger that could help move you along, give you constructive advice, even promote you, should be welcome. Most important to remember is that graciousness is a much better trait than bitterness.


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