Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Welcome to Wednesday

I have sent out another agent inquiry. I am also seriously considering self-publishing on Kindle. What worries me is I do not want to put out a book with errors, be it grammatical or misspellings. Then you will have people complaining they paid $0.99 for "crap". I have seen worse things written on Amazon, trust me. Granted, you make the money directly, but I can't charge a lot for something I would want out there to the public. I also struggle because while a publisher makes more money on the book then the author probably does, I prefer having someone else hash out the marketing plan and foot the bills. BUT self-publishing may be the way to go. I can take advantage of the technology, promote myself and hope I can make a decent living while earning fans of my work. Much to consider indeed.

As for my personal reading, I picked up the third book in the Thursday Next series - The Well of Lost Plots. I also grabbed The Big Over Easy - A Nursery Crime by the same author. Can't wait to start reading.

Pecan-crusted catfish was on the menu last night and dare I say it was delicious. I made mixed greens, mustard, collard and kale and brown rice to go with it. Very yummy.


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