Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So here is what is going on

My net book should arrive soon which means I can soon get back to being a writer who can work at night and when my hubby is home. There will be no fighting over the use of the computer. There is not know either, but I hate to ask him to let me work when he is watching "House". For now I work the best I can during the day, but it had not been as easy as I thought it would be.

I have been applying to jobs, mostly in hospitals. All sorts of part time and full time positions. Be it secretary, assistant, etc. I have drafted and sent out a letter to one local hospital. along with my resume, in the hopes of being able to get hired as an oncology massage therapist.

We went to brunch at the Peacock Inn in Princeton with friends the other day. It was very delicious and then we went with them to check out an area called Riverside in Princeton where they are thinking of buying a home. What struck me was how overpriced the homes were. I know NJ is out of control when it comes to homes, but this was beyond even what I would consider "Jersey normal". We saw a house for 750,000.00 that needed to be gutted and clearly would be 300K in other places and even lower out of state.

Still have not heard back from the last agent I solicited. I will start looking at a few other potentials if I do not hear form her by end of week.

My hubby and I have decided we are going to do the landscaping of our front yard ourselves. We have been researching how to lay a walkway properly and we bought containers to plant some lovely foliage until we figure out how what we want to plant permanently. Sure it is quite the project, but it should be a good one.


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