Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Interior Design and Spring

I am one who loves to move furniture around. Almost too much to my husband's dismay. Our living room is an awkward space since the former owners put in a faux fireplace when they knocked down a first floor bedroom wall to expand living room. We are now considering turning our bright Bermuda grass colored room into a television area and turning this odd living room into more of a lounging/reading room. Of course, that means working with the furniture we have and get it to look comfy and homey.

I am a sucker for over the top lush interiors because, I would not do them myself, but I do love them in a superb county home in England. Apparently they are remaking Jane Eyre for the thousandth time and Apartment Therapy has these lovely interior stills from the movie.

I am still enjoying my Thursday Next novel, The Well of Lost Plots. It is a little bogged down with some of the tech speak of their world, but it moves along so well I can excuse it. I swear, I will say it every time though, I wish I wrote these clever novels. They are a breath of fresh air.

I have seven purple crocuses in my front yard and they make me long to begin planting. I bought some lily of the valley bulbs/roots to plant under my lilac tree. The whole area where there was a brier patch will become a planned meadow with herbs, wildflowers and ground covers. I am so excited to get started, but darn this last frost, when will it be??

And if I was to travel cross country, I want to do it in this Airstream by Matt Hofman. Ooh la la!


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