Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More reading

I have finally finished reading The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. It started it out very sloooooooow, but then when it picked it up, it shot out of the gate at over one hundred miles an hour. The story was really something and I am glad I read it after seeing the movie. As far as reading the other two books in the trilogy, I am not so sure I will. Or at least, not right now. My taste for reading series novels is still not a hundred percent, though I am still moving forward with the In Death series by J.D. Robb. For me it is quick, popcorn reading and fun. But when I recently read "Vengeance In Death", I shook my head when I was done. There were quite a few mistakes in the novel. Missing punctuation and conjunctions, a characters name changed from John to Liam by the middle of the novel, stupid mistakes that should have been caught by either author or editor. An odd irritating point for me was that the main characters Eve and Roarke have predictable sex, don't we all?, but even some of the dialogue is rote in the bedroom. I do love when Roarke teases Eve and it makes me laugh out loud without fail. He is a great smart ass and if he were a real life character I would want an hour with him ravishing me. There I admitted it and will go down in history as a pervert.
What worries me is the formula is too easy to crack and this is supposed to be a mystery series. As someone pointed out on Amazon, "half the time you are unsure if you are reading a romance series or a mystery series. The books themselves do not know what they want to be." I had to agree.
At this point, the series is up to it's 40th book which is pretty incredible, but all the author has to do is come up with a violent death scenario and insert it where the others had gone before. Same with sex scenes. As the series progresses I do know we find out more about Roarke and Eve's pasts and what made them who they are today. That is probably pretty interesting since Roarke is quite the mysterious man. It does make me wonder though if that will be the only thing left to be interesting since the crimes themselves are really not.
The question I have is, even if you love the character(s), isn't there a time to bow out gracefully? Sure if the author enjoys writing it, why should they stop? Especially if they have fans to the high heavens who constantly clamor for an update to the lives of the characters. I guess I cannot imagine wanting to keep the same characters alive, their personal growth happening or not, for such a long stretch. For me, the mystery of what happens is sometimes a good thing. I do not need to know what happens at every turn in every novel. Let my imagination take it where I want and you go about your business churning out a fine book. This is just my personal preference, not a professional one.
What I want to really ask is, putting out such a vast amount of books at a time, does this make the writer, of any series really, a hack or prolific? I am no longer sure. As I edit one novel and work on another, I guess I could be seen as prolific, but I don't see it that way. I want my work to not be formulaic, though it will be because all books are in the end. A good story is a good story and I have ones I want to tell and hope you want to read, that is all. Sure anything I write or that anyone writes could become a series, but I will leave the series to the authors who do it best or at least, can crank it out better then most. And of course, I am not so sure I will ever be a fan of reading the series novels, but I am always willing to still try.


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