Sunday, January 30, 2011

Much Better Thanks

Amazing what a little wine, relaxation and chatting can do for one's psyche.
Upon further discussion, it seems the husband and I are very much on the same page. We both hate having projects completed half assed or not at all. More so, he dislikes doing a project and then finding out it was only 90% there. Maybe he missed a step that he was unaware of or used the wrong paint. Trial and error frustrates us both, I think him more actually, but we also hate that things take time and we have to learn to live with that. One does not go and blow savings on decorating and renovating the house. Especially now in this economy. Unless you have it of course and then you can get some great deals on appliances, contractors, etc.
I really need to get my butt over to Home Goods and see if I can find a table or something for the newly rearranged living room. The one table that used to be there is now in the guest room as a side table and the night table that was there is now in the green room downstairs next to the retro couch. They compliment one another perfectly. It is always a pleasure to have things in your house that if you just relocate it, it works. Night stands are the bane of my existence as well and who knows if I will ever find anything for our bedroom. Not the end of the world, but annoying all the same.

Now, from the blog YoungHouseLove, a serious post about home fires and certain things you should do and think about since you will be dealing with loss, anger and insurance companies.


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