Friday, January 14, 2011

Mish Mash

Whew! Between watching the little gals, having a massage client (yeah money!) and trying to write and keep house, it has been a crazy week. Invigorating and insane, but also lots of fun and filled with good times.

Keeping with insanity, HGTV's Dream House is in play. The location is Stowe, Vermont and it is lovely. A friend remarked that they make these house too damn big and I have to agree. A ski dorm that sleeps eight is useless unless we have lots and lots of company. See? I am gonna win that is why I have been thinking about this. Not that we would not let people use it and enjoy it as much as possible. What would be the point if having such a home if you are going to keep the darn thing shuttered up most of the time. My favorite not really necessary appliance in the house is the towel drawer warmer. It also heats up lotion. Yeah, we can all get through life without it, but what a darling luxury. Considering our upstairs bathroom lacks any insulation, yes it is cold as Hades there right now, I would like this. Of course, once we redo the bathroom it will be insulated properly.

Just so we are clear, I would dress like this everyday if I could. Thank you Lucinda Robinson for making such ethereal delights.

I have no need for them but I covet these pink chairs from the Continentale hotel in Florence, Italy.

A dear friend who cans, got me some canning equipment for Christmas. This was due to the fact that I have helped him numerous times with applesauce and tomato sauce. Now I just came across this book, Canning for a New Generation. That just might get me motivated.

And now, off to the gym I go :)


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