Sunday, January 23, 2011

And scene

My tenure as fill in nanny has ended, which makes me sad. First off, it is a tough job caring for multiples. You truly get no time to really breath or shower or just sit. This is not about me, it is about the parents. My friend was able to do laundry and put Christmas decorations away because I was an extra set of hands, but if all had a meltdown at once, he had to stop what he was doing to assist.
The girls were and are quite delightful and it is clear that Sidney will be the Brain. She is always thinking, contemplating, considering our deaths a la Stewie from Family Guy. She will be the child I wished I had. Her sisters are charming, delightful and quick to cuddle and play. Sidney's twin, Aria, is very zen like which is really cool. A mini Gandhi if you will. Vivian is just this sweet smiling gal, ready for love and being made to laugh. You gotta love watching their individual personalities come to light. What I enjoy most is knowing they will evolve from their current incarnations and it will be quite an honor to watch who they become.

I have not written since Wednesday and may I say, it is bizarre. In many ways, not working on one's novel, but caring for children, helps clear your mind in ways you would never think. Ideas popped into my head all week for Cleaning House, my futuristic thriller and the Archangel novel. This is good and bad. Lots of fixing and rewriting, while par for the course, makes me worry I am second guessing myself way too much. But when I look at the changes I want to make, they are not life threatening to the story lines, just common sense. At least, one can hope.

I have begun reading "Wonder Boys" by Michael Chabon. Now, I have attempted his work before and I admit was not a fan. My husband loves his work. We own a couple of his novels so as I was getting ready to go stay with my friends to help with the little ladies, I grabbed Wonder Boys and decided to give it a shot.
So far, so good.
A very funny read and I like his style here. What caught my eye is he pulls a Gabriel Garcia Marquez and writes sentences with mucho commas that are a paragraph long. Now I get why people go to writing classes at University of Iowa. I know nothing. Sometimes I feel like such an amateur, which technically I am, when I read a book and everything I thought I knew about the English language goes out the window. Punctuation and I are not the best of friends. I desperately try to recall everything I have ever learned in schools, but alas, I fail. Sure I can take a refresher course, but let us be honest, would any of us want to sit through diagramming sentences again? As one who loves English as a subject and loves to read, diagramming almost did me in.

Whoops, need to steer me back on topic here.

The best part about reading other books is learning from them and I am doing my best to absorb each author's structure best I can. Granted, there is a template every writer follows, but it is more interesting to get past that and watch how they build around it. So Michael Chabon is currently my educator, whether he likes it or not, and I hope to get my money's worth.
Have a fabulous Sunday.


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