Friday, April 30, 2010

Hummingbird Forest Fire flower

I was incorrect in my post yesterday saying I was growing the firecracker flower. We are actually growing Salvia Coccinea "Hummingbird Forest Fire".

I have completed the border of them and the marigolds around the veggie garden. Let's hope they all bloom beautifully.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Clowns and Much Ado about something

I loathe clowns. They creep my out and I blame the film "Poltergeist" for this. I had 2 clown dolls in my room when I was younger. My dad took me to see the movie and then i came home eyeing the clowns suspiciously. I also don't like realistic dolls a la Marie Osmond dolls, but that is another post. I read the greatest post recently on one mother's ingenious idea on how to handle her toddler's love of her clown doll. You must read "Scary Creepy But Amazing" on fortysomething Mommy to really appreciate the deft handling of the said toy.

I hope to have photos up of the vegetable garden soon. We will be putting topsoil in the raised beds this weekend. Currently I am planting a border of hummingbird firecracker flowers

and Marigolds. This should keep the deer away. I hope.

I just had the tree guy come out to tell me what it will cost to annihilate these crappy overgrown "tree/bush" type things. While the price is high, it will be worth it in the end. These are the same damn things I was pruning last year and ended up inflaming my radial nerve. My right arm had swelled up to twice its size and I could barely move it. Good times. Then we can plan what we will plant in its place. The good thing it the neighbor is a master gardener so by all means, let her garden grow and impose!

This is the CUTEST jewelry stand ever by Whomadeit on Etsy.

FeltedPleasure's dress is quite extraordinary.

La Prochaine Fois: The Cupcake Ring very interesting concept indeed.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Built in shelving

This is EXACTLY what we would like to do in our living room. Nice built in shelves to house our ridiculous book collection and our television.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Almond Topped Fish

I am making this recipe for fish, using cod, tonight. It sounded yummy and I wanted to use almonds so this recipe seemed to suit. I have made jasmine rice along with collard greens in the rice cooker. I did not have all the ingredients such as parsley or dill or Parmesan, but I figured we could try it anyway.
I may even make apple scones later, but I am especially tired today, so we shall see how that goes.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Laundry Room

Closet World has a laundry room idea that we really covet. The third picture with the stackable black machines with the white cabinets. That is all we want. Nothing too fancy or too crazy. Maybe instead of cabinets above I would just put a rail to hang my hubby's dress shirts that do not go in the dryer. So yes, that is what we eventually would like to do.


Monday, April 19, 2010

Welcome to Monday :)

The hubby and I went on a wonderful eight mile, round trip mind you, bike ride on the Columbia Trail yesterday. It was beautiful, tranquil and made us realize we seriously need to invest in padded bike seats.

Other good news is the on Saturday, friends of ours in Vancouver had a baby girl and on Sunday, friends of ours in Texas had a baby boy. This is all very exciting and one gift has already been sent and now we need to send the next one.

I was so excited to see Surefit slipcovers for wingback chairs and ottomans. I especially liked the Lexington one. So I measure and lo and behold, our chairs are bigger than their covers. Now the quest begins again.

We have also decided when we redo our upstairs bathroom we want to go with a round corner shower.
The one that is in there now is only like 29" long but the wall is 34". The new shower will fit better and I won't knock myself on the head every time I try to shave. Ha ha

I want to throw a dessert party like this one at In Pursuit of Glamour.

Had no idea that Queens Anne Lace and Poison Hemlock look similar. You learn something new everyday.


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Meltdowns and Rants

We all have them.

I myself used to be prone to them much more when I was younger and to all my ex-boyfriends, I am very sorry. That being said, I just had one last night. I am not proud of it mind you, but like most people, I don't always want to keep things neatly bottled up. Whether I can rectify the situation is irrelevant at the moment, hence why it is called a meltdown. They release is very cathartic and necessary, but my moment of meltdowndom last night was thwarted by my beloved. We were in the car in the garage and I had finally had enough and started to raise my voice and he nipped it in the bud and suggested me go inside. "Good for him" you are saying, but that is not so good for me. Once we were in the house for about fifteen minutes, he suggested I continue my rant. Rants/Meltdowns can not happen on cue unless I am an actor getting paid bank. This only infuriated me more, made me swallow it all back up and proceed to engross myself in my writing. What was my meltdown about?

Money. I will explain in detail.

I had enjoyed my spa weekend but my one darling friend finds the ultimate relaxation in going outlet shopping. This does not relax me. It only irritates me and freaks me out. Sure when I was younger I was a big shopper but I also had a job and made money and had to get dressed. I will not be wearing my Sunday best while typing a chapter of my novel on the couch. Needless to say, I was happy to see my friends happy as they shopped with abandon, but I was not having a very good time. I did get a pair of nice Levi jeans for only $13.00 and that was awesome because I have a hard time paying a lot of money for jeans and Levi's being an excellent brand, well, how could I go wrong? A few times during our shopping the ladies would say "Well it was on sale" or "My kids need it". I finally asked one of them if their spouse would be upset and she said no so I told her to stop guilting herself. Advice I need to take myself.

I have become one of those jackasses that holds off on haircuts every 6 months and I need bras desperately, but being a busty gal, my bras easily cost $50-$68 a piece. Now my husband does not forbid me, he wouldn't entertain that thought, of purchasing the bras or getting the haircut. It is all me. And why? Because he is the only one bringing in cash and he pays our mortgage, taxes, water bills, food, gas and whatever else we need, so I don't want to spend the cash if I do not have to. So I sound like a martyr but at the end of the day, will you recall that Ann Taylor dress you got for $20 ten years from now? Probably not, especially if you no longer wear it and donated it to Goodwill. That doesn't mean I don't want to own it and look nice. I just prefer to wait until I have extra money and we are ahead of the game.

Now, last night we went to TJ Maxx because I needed a new pair of work out pants and he needed jeans. One of the many things I will give my husband props about is he dresses very nice and always looks handsome. This also means he has more clothes and shoes then me. Long story short, I bought a $7.99 pair of workout pants and he bought jeans, shirts and shorts. Not that he couldn't use them and not that he did not get everything on sale, but it just made me snap. I have had to make due with the clothes I have had and make them work. Everyone else around me seems to not have this concern and have closets full of clothes they have never worn, have yet to wear or only worn once. Petty and selfish, yes, but I admit fully I cause my own self-denial. I was ranting about that when my husband said to me, "I have been telling you to buy bras for months."

This made me insane. It has never been about the bra or the haircut, it comes down to the fact I have not received a paycheck since 2007. I got educated in a field I enjoy and cannot get a job in said field. Everyone always cavalierly says, "Work in a spa." I wasn't trained for that and I don't want to work on eight people a day only making money off of tips. Plus, I have looked and Massage Envy is the only one hiring and I would make just $15 a massage. Pass. And while I love writing, I will not get paid until I actually sell my novel. There is also the case of people looking down at you because you are a stay at home wife who only volunteers for hospice and is "dabbling" in writing. If I had kids no one would bother me, but then I find that ridiculous too. Why is it okay if I am home to raise kids but not keep house, garden and pursue writing? My head hurts as I am sure yours does by now as well.

Anyway, I must remind myself to not feel guilt about purchasing my bra or something else if I really need it. For everyone else, remember that even if it seems petty, sometimes you need to be a brat and have a breakdown. Once it is over you usually see clearer and can breathe. So if your loved one needs to vent, please let them. It will keep you both very sane.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Quick ramblings

While the massages this past weekend seem a distant memory, funny how every day life can suck that right out, I find peace in the outdoors. Violets run rampant through our lawn, apparently it is a weed, but the little white and purple flowers are so lovely that I do not mind them at all. There are other ones with blue flowers, I think it is Veronica, and I think it is looks pretty too. We are trying to weed out the ones by the foot of the lilac tree and pear tree. Then we want to put pretty ground covers around them there. There is a great farm in our area that sells like 100 pachysandra plants for $20.00. This is the same farm I buy all my summer produce from so I cannot wait to play in their greenhouses. The hubby tilled the soil for our veggie garden and he is building the raised beds. This weekend we will most likely be when we get that stuff done.

I am three years late to the series but thanks to the beauty of watch instantly on Netflix, I am officially enamored of The Tudors. Not only are the sets and costumes are superb, but the show is more like a soap opera not following history to a 't', but if you go in knowing that, it makes the show more fun. I have always found European history more fascinating then our own. The rise and falls of empires, the battles of religion and faith, the decadence and intrigues, all amazing. Henry the 8th was a real piece of work that is for sure. Corruption that happens now happened then. Quite extraordinary. Not that US history is not turbulent, but I always had horrible teachers on the subject. (that is another topic for another post)

On the reading table is Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book and so far I love it. That man has a real gift for storytelling and reading him helps me improve my own work. I am almost finished with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, what a creepy little novella.

Favorite word I just heard and wished I used more: Asunder

Off to write, Cheers!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Dandelion Greens

I had such a fabulous time at the spa this weekend and I promise to post a more in-depth post tomorrow. For now, I came across an interesting way to handle dandelions and I wanted to share. Most people know you can eat them, but I like the way it is pitched as a way to weed control instead of spraying the ever horrible Round Up.

Dandelion Greens


Friday, April 9, 2010

Spa Weekend!

Some gal pals and I have planned a spa weekend for when we all turned...brace yourself, 40. While forty is fabulous, a spa makes it even mores. I admit that this little getaway is something I have been looking forward to and I am having two massages. Yes, two :)
We will be going to the Ocean Place Resort & Spa. None of us have been there before, but the package was a great price and since my two friends have children, they couldn't go too far.
When I get back I hope to have a wonderful experience to tell you about.

I worked on the front yard today. Digging up old stuff, planting our new plants and pulling up rotted rhododendron roots. I did take some photos and I will post them next week for everyone.


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hello Spring!

We were away at Cape Cod all weekend with no internet service, which was nice, but at the same time, I did not get to update all the beauty I saw.

The weather was fabulous. While my hubby and a friend golfed on the course of Chatham, the rest of us walked around the beautiful town and went to two open houses. The homes were well over a million dollars each. The agency is Kinlin Grover and they have a lot of nice places for sale. Some of the views of the water are spectacular.

We went to Easter Services in Provincetown at The Church of Saint Mary of the Harbor. Then we had a nice brunch at Fazzini's.

We bought two lavender plants from the Cape Cod Lavender Farm. They will be going on the side of the house where the sun hits pretty much all day.

When we got home I was pleased to find a random hyacinth growing in our backyard. That flower has one of my favorite spring time smells ever. Our Japanese Maple, Pear and Peach trees are all blooming and they look lovely. Now I have to plan where some of the phlox, columbine and other flowers will be planted this week.