Saturday, December 18, 2010

Weekend Update

There are really not enough hours in a day. Between job hunting, it sucks, writing, that is going well, and doing house chores, &#*@&, Life is really good and hectic.
No response yet from literary agent. I am not surprised since it is the holidays and Lord only knows how many inquiries she receives. Nerve racking regardless.
Sold some gold recently, just two pieces, and got enough money that we were able to buy our water heater. That gave us relief from having to pillage the bank account. Home purchases are fun!
Still have to finish painting in living room, wall around our closet and hemming curtains. That is what his weekend is supposed to be about. Wish me luck.
I am ashamed to admit that I still need to work on my nephews 500 pound sensory blanket. Again, this weekend and next week is all about that.
We have just a few gifts to pick up and I have more cards I need to send out. I am in the spirit, but really the shopping one. How much do we all really need? I would love to do nothing but make baked goods and say "Happy Holidays", but that does not fly with children. HAHAHA Good times.
I am going to try and knit some infinity scarves up and see if I can sell them at my gym. $10 a piece will not be a lot and even if I sell just five that is better than nothing.
Hope you are all having a lovely holiday season and feel as blessed as I do. Stress comes and goes, but good food is forever :)


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