Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Naked in Death by J.D. Robb

I know, I know. Another series. You are chuckling, just waiting for me to get a few more books in and toss it to the side. I am really, really hoping that won't be the case this time.
JD Robb aka Nora Roberts, rarely disappoints me. She was one of the first romance writers I ever read and that was a good thing since the woman tells an excellent story.
What made me pick up this book, which came out way back in 1995, was that I did a search for strong female characters in novels. Part of the reason I was looking, was in the hopes I could mention said character in my query letter to give the agent a better idea of who my female protagonist was similar to. Now, people's opinions vary on just what a strong female entails. Suggestions moved form Elizabeth Bennett to Eve Dallas to Stephanie Plum to Mercy Thompson. Considering the good experience I had with Nora before reading Montana Sky, I went for it and got Naked in Death.
Eve Dallas is a tough cookie with a dark past. My character is not as dark, but she has her past and it haunts her. The thing that freaked me out when reading it was that some of her interactions with the mysterious Roarke were similar to ones that happen between my main characters. This of course is further proof that everything has been written and it all depends on how you tell the story. Thankfully, mine is not a series, hers is an ongoing one, and our style of writing is very different.
Regarding the book, I truly enjoy the story. Sure it is not Shakespeare, but if I want him, I have him on my shelf. This was a quick, satisfying read that held my interest. What I really liked was the way Eve did not become some belligerent smart ass fretting away if she liked Roarke or not. She took responsibility for her actions, even with a falter here or there. Watching their relationship blossom around a grisly murder was interesting, but it is true to life. Cops need love and security as much as the next person.
Of course I do not want to get too excited. I stopped at book 4 in the Anita Blake series and doubt I will go back. Stephanie Plum bit it for me at book eleven, so who is to say how far I will get? Regardless,
I already had my library get the second book and yes my fingers are crossed. Nora Roberts is a prolific writer so if I do get hooked, I have a ton of "In Death" books to read.
Here is to hoping that is what happens.


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