Monday, December 13, 2010

Media Companies Whine About Netflix

I just read this article in the NY Times where the CEO of Time Warner claims Netflix is a fading star. Ahhh, the inevitable sorrows of multi million dollar conglomerates. Keep in mind that Time Warner has a stake in a cable company and they complain that Netflix has helped hurt subscriptions. Well duh! When it costs almost a car payment to have channels that show the same crap over and over, some people will cancel.
The arrogance of media companies has always amused me. They always cry poverty and blame services like You Tube and Netflix. Not like it would have anything to do with the crappy movies or television programming they put out. As an avid movie goer, ask me the last time I was in the theater. I believe it was for Sherlock Holmes. Yeah, over the summer. Studios fail to recognize that some of us do not want to pay $10+ for a film. Half the time they are awful anyway.
Jeff Bewkes, the Time Warner CEO, does not seem to understand that someone like me will use Netflix more for back catalog stuff like "Soap", "Annie Hall" and various others series and films they would not make a ton of cash on anyway. Though Starz offering me "Spartacus" and "The Pillars of the Earth" was most welcome. Mr. Bewkes does not understand how many of us spread how great the shows are and people end up watching due to word of mouth.The again he has his own agenda, an initiative he is trying to sell called TV Everywhere. The idea is to offer cable network programming online for anyone who is a verified cable subscriber.
What will Time Warner and others do if and when their attempts to compete fail? Have they learned nothing from the Napster and You Tube debacles? People will pay for things they really want. We will also refuse to pay for things we do not want. Perhaps it is time these companies actually listen to the consumer.


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