Friday, December 10, 2010

Letter and Range

Tons of stuff to do today, but figured a quick post shall not hurt.

First off, I sent my first ever query letter out on the morning of December 7. Forgot to put that in the post that day, but yes, it is out there. My thick skin prepares for the rejection, but as I have said before, George Orwell, Sylvia Plath and many others received the ubiquitous, "Thanks, but not thanks", so I am in good company. It is weird waiting to see if a total stranger has an interest in my novel. The constant rewriting of the mini synopsis was equivalent to learning to ride a bike. I hope I got it and if not, check that agent off the list and try again. In the meantime, I continue working on the second book which is moving along and I have an outline for a third. Is all this waiting nerve racking? You bet it is, but it is all in a day's work. All I can do now is improve my skills and keep plugging away until luck is in my corner.

On a different note, I love Aga ranges. Here is a post The Kitchn showing them in "normal" homes.


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