Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Just another day :)

The battery in my netbook has bit the bullet. So now I have to wait until the new battery arrives. Apparently this can take 5-10 days. Oh joy. This means all writing I do will have to be on the main computer in the house which is fine. The hard part is my hubby is an avid computer user as well so we will need to find balance. Of course I can still just write things down in the designated notebook which is no problem. There is fun in writing long hand, but of course you cannot move as fast as you can, but that is the good part. You slow down, take a minute to really consider what you are writing.

I gotta tell you, I really hate open shelving in kitchens. Sure it looks nice and isn't it wonderful to look at your grandma's china? The idea of all the dust collecting there grosses me out. If you are a neat freak, I am sure this would work for you. I am neat, but not that neat.

I am watching Frontline: The Medicated Child and I am in a complete fit. Kid has a temper? Drug him. Hyper? Drug him. Oh wait, he is behaving a certain way, he must have bipolar, drug him. And I am sorry, but the day a teacher tells me to drug my kid due to hyperactivity, that teacher would no longer work in a classroom. Why are we so damn eager to drug these kids? No one ever thinks perhaps they need a different setting then a typical classroom or public school structure. Aren't most kids naturally hyper and overactive when they are kids? This totally baffled me. What also kills me is that none of these parents fought back or argued about the over medication. You know your kid, you know when things are wrong. Sure there are cases where I am sure this medicine is very necessary, but come on, some of these cases are clearly bull. Yes, this hit a nerve as I hate the desire to make everyone a drone and have to conform to what is considered "normal" behavior.


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