Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The sweat and tears of others

It brings out the best and worst of all of us. As I sit here typing on my couch from Pier 1 trying to figure out if I can reupholster my retro one armed love eat, sounds like a James Bond villain, I peruse the Internet for inspiration.
I admit that I am jealous of some of these folks who without a clue on how to work a drill watch a few videos, make a few errors and then create a built in bookcase that custom cabinet makers would envy. I do not fear the upholstery, I just want to do it right since the couch is a timeless design. Depending on what fabric I choose for it, it can look contemporary or antique. I think I am going to aim for a more contemporary look. The wing backs will follow suit and then our seating area will be complete. Yes, a stunning area to hang out and drink, chat and read all night if one chooses.
Let me not get wrapped up in seating areas and fabrics and retreat back to the full blown renovations that inspire and captivate me.
Here are some blogs that have shown what some sweat equity can achieve. Of course, some of these folks do have a bit more disposable income then we do. Innovation still abounds among those who have cash flow so I am ignoring their financial status and looking more at what they have done to improve their living spaces. On a side note, our friend is building us a closet, YAY!!!, in our bedroom so I am hoping to get pictures of it up once it is complete.

Redneck Modern is about a couple who bought a dilapidated Eichler home and made it a masterpiece. Here is their post on Apartment Therapy as well. Here is a link to Eichler Homes for sale. These may be the one modern type home design I could truly live in.

This kitchen renovation on Nothing But Bonfires is divine. I am a sucker for white subway tile. We want it in our kitchen and one bathroom so viewing a small amount of it in the kitchen just helps to feed the monster. :) Honestly, I would hire these folks to do my kitchen, yes, yes I would.

416FixerUpper's kitchen redo is fabulous and I love the spice drawer idea. I am all about using the space wisely and this is a good one.

I think this would be a great tag line for The Brick House blog. "Because we’re renovating a mid century cement brick house in the middle of retirement hell, making it awesome and doing it on a budget."

Okay, okay, this is not a house, but a store and I tell you, if I had cash and a huge truck, I would be all over Copper Fox Antiques in Virginia. The Primitive Pie Safe is gorgeous.


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