Saturday, November 13, 2010

Some Fun Fabrics

I do adore a good piece of fabric. No matter the pattern or use, outdoor, indoor, etc. I see everything as a dress that Auntie Mame would wear. Keep in mind that I have never made a dress of any sort. I have sewn a skirt and some curtains. That is all. I really wish I could motivate my self to make a dress, I truly do. This Marimekko Napakettu is divine, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too expensive for me to attempt my first dress pattern. I bet it would make a great skirt or sarong.
This Josef Frank textile called Hawaii would be fabulous as a sweeping summery dress. Clearly it would be a beast to line up all the seams and lines of the pattern so it does not look choppy, but in the end it would be worth the frustration.
I have been wanting oil cloths to make place mats or even use as backgrounds of frames instead of some boring mats. Mendel's in San Francisco seems to have some lovely choices.
Can't decide if I like this from Revival Fabrics, but I think it could make a sweet liner fabric or a coat or a cool pencil skirt.
This fabric, Geo Grand by Daisy Jane, would look awesome on an ottoman or on some pillows. It would really compliment our new brown couch!

And here is something not fabric related at all. Decadence my name is Bisazza Tiles. WOW!


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