Saturday, November 27, 2010

Quick bathroom ideas

Hope the holidays were wonderful and filling.

While our friend finishes building our bedroom closet, WHOOO HOOOOO!!!, I have been looking at claw foot style tubs for the upstairs bathroom renovation that will happen one day in the future. This of course could mean years from now, but I still like to look. Dare I say if I was a wealthy person who wanted to buy something decadent, I'd say Copper Slipper bathtubs would rate high. Of course I would want a sexy hammered sink like this from Waterworks to go with it.

What about pure minimalism? Kohler has a Purist Suite series that embodies this.

This Woodland Sanctuary bathroom by Kohler is interesting. I doubt I would do something like that, but I like the concept.

And a modern round tub is pretty neat too!

Natural light rocks and for once I do not mind the all glass shower.

I would take a shower room over a whirlpool tub any day of the week.


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