Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LIfe's Little Edits

Yesterday I applied to two jobs. One was full time and the other was part time. Both jobs are in the medical field, one a fertility clinic the other an assisted living facility. The assisted living facility job has better hours, but either job would be great. I have done random searches over the months because after being aggressive for about a year, I got frustrated. Me and thousands of others have gotten frustrated and still are I am sure.
Now I figured I would try again and I am hoping I can get in a hospital or some area of medical. I have no desire to work for a regular corporate company again. That does not mean I would not apply to them if I saw something great, but I have my preference. So fingers crossed.

Writing wise I finished editing the novel and now I am struggling with a query letter. I have about four different versions and I am not really thrilled with either of them. The suggestion has been to sum up the whole book in four lines. I think I can do it, I know I can do it, but I want it to be as close perfect as it can be. I may have to go over four to six or something. Do I know if it would be a grand detriment? No, so what have I got to lose? My nerve I guess. I need to just take a deep breath and go. Perhaps I should do a stream of consciousness writing exercise and see if the query letter comes out that way. Right now I would dance a tribal dance in a circle out in the driveway covered in a velour tracksuit and bananas if that would help. The query letter is the door closer or opener and I am banging my head, trying not to stress over this, but believe me, this sucks in many ways.
On the agent front I have been able to narrow my list down after doing a bunch of research over the weekend. Unfortunately, one of the agents I had chosen some time ago is no longer receiving inquiries, so I had to replace him. Normal situation in the world of trying to get published. With my list I can narrow down who gets to reject me or take me on first :) and then I keep trudging along.

Thanks to Netflix I have been watching Soap, a progressive television comedy from the seventies. I remember my mom loved it and I may have caught an episode when I was younger, but it has been years since I have even seen it. There are few times while I have watched it that I marveled over what they got away with in 1977. The writing is great and the cast is fabulous. Billy Crystal plays Jodie Dallas one of the first openly gay characters on television and you can see the talent he really had blossoming.

Okay, I have much to do today so I am off to do my errands.



  1. Good luck with the jobs-and the book decisions too. You've made a major major accomplishment to get to where you are right now-the rest will work out too!

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