Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inside my head are many random things

So I shall share.

Friends of ours came back form India a few weeks ago and brought me home the magazine Syncorian Matrimonial Times. It is interesting to read all these ads placed by families to procure the "perfect" spouse for their child. Height and weight and college degrees are listed. There are preferences for cultured families, same town, professionally qualified mate and numerous other things we probably think of in the States, but would not dare say mattered out loud.
Many people are appalled by "arranged marriages". Considering our divorce rate is on par with marriage, I would say it is not the worst idea. Now, I am only talking about arranged marriages like the ones I am reading about. I am not endorsing the alliance of a twelve year old with a fifty five year old. That is a totally different arena that I am not getting into.
I am sure there are bad arranged marriages along with good ones. Plus, Time Magazine has a whole issue devoted to marriage this week asking if the institution is not obsolete. I think it all depends where you are in life and where you stand. Marriage and cohabitation are not for everyone nor should it be forced on everyone. Same with parenthood. It is not for everyone and should be a personal choice. That is where arranged marriages are wonky. Choice is removed as a whole and that is that. Still, I do wonder how many people in arranged marriages see their alliance as working out better as a business partnership then those in love? More research for me!

I have to admit I am one of those folks who loves little gadgets and things for the kitchen and table. Salt cellars being one of them. No I do not have one and I doubt I would ever use the darn thing. But I like them. Yes, yes I do.

I really like Made By Girl's style. Here is an interview with her in Siren Magazine.

When will people get art and nudity is not an offense to God? Seriously.

I am a sucker for wraps, stoles, all things that would have wrapped Jane Austen. This Autumn Leaves Stole from, Brooklyn Tweed is calling me to pick up my needles.


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