Thursday, November 4, 2010

Have we become too PC as a society?

I ask this because this morning I got in an argument on a blog with an unknown person about my use of the word "Nazi" as applied to ex-President Bush and some of his policies. I was chided by a few bloggers saying I was insensitive and that neither party should use that term as everyone just throws it around. While these folks are entitled to their opinion, there is an assumption I have no idea about fascism and WW II and what Hitler really was trying to do. I replied back and once I was done I wondered if I should even bother checking to see if I get a reply back. I am okay with discussions and agreeing to disagree, but when we are on the Internet it is easier to get nasty much quicker and block out other's opinions and ideas. The reason I felt the need to respond was I became grouped in with those calling Obama a Nazi, never understood that since Socialism is not Fascism, and I wanted to make some points. I started with the subtle nuances between Bush and his team and Hitler and his. I also pointed out that in America today we are very belligerent towards immigrants and Muslims which rears of the ugly stench of 1939. The best was, I realized as I did this, the posters had already stated that no matter my reasons, they were not good enough to use the term. I should have said that the fact that Nazis even existed and were allowed to go on as long as they did should be more offensive then me even having the word to use. But I know that will get me nowhere. It is not just in politics where we are PC, it is with everything. Children all get applause and trophies even when they are mediocre or lose. We are teaching youngsters that they are very special and can have and do whatever they want. No one should ever have bad feelings or make someone feel bad. In a perfect world we would all have manners and be polite and not hateful, but again, we are not in a perfect world. There are awful, vile things that happen in this world that present a dialogue for all of us. Dissenting views and opinions are a good way to learn about others and yourself. I do not think the people who disagree with me or wrong to feel that way, but neither they or I should be blindsided by our might to be right. We seem to have lost the skills for discussion or even the desire to hear others and that bothers me. I have religious discussions with those who are heavy evangelicals and it never ends up nasty or condescending. Could it? Sure, if I let my emotion get in the way and make it all about me. When you ask someone their opinion, it is their opinion and should be respected as such. If we can no longer do that, then we have a much bigger problem at hand.

Thanks for listening.


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