Sunday, November 14, 2010

Don't know if I like you Anita Blake.

I just finished reading "Circus of the Damned" by Laurell K Hamilton and to be honest, I found it to be a bit of a drag. This is book 3 in the series and I am not sure if I even want to continue reading when I can just look them all up on Wikipedia and see what happens.

That is not a good sign.

What did I enjoy? Like the others, I do like the pace of action and I am intrigued by Jean-Claude the Master of the City. Other than that, Anita has begun to get on my nerves. Yes folks, she is pissing me off and we are only on book 3. Shades of Stephanie Plum are surfacing for me.

Again, not a good sign.

Let us get one thing clear, Miss Hamilton does not need my good words or approval. Her series is doing just fine whether I read it or not so my criticism is like a speck of dust in her world. Prepare yourselves, here come the catty comments in regards to her writing. For the love of God please get a better editor or learn to use a thesaurus. Everyone in her books have eyelashes that are like lace. Be it black or gray, they all resemble lace. Also, Jean-Claude wears the same damn lace shirt all the time. Or if he has another outfit on, it only has lace. Lace, lace, lace. I have never in all my life seen the word "lace" used so much outside of a archive on fashion.
The landscape of St. Louis in this book was always stated as being like "the dark side of the moon". Seriously? Really? You had to use that more than once?
The descriptions of the main characters were so damn repetitive I almost had a coronary. People change. Yes, even day to day with a tired look , a new hairstyle, anything. She puts a lot of stock in describing these folks this is why I point it out. Now I get why Stephen King said to never ever describe people and clothes to the last detail, it will bite you in the ass.
The story itself was choppy and at times I actually groaned out loud. This book was published in 1995 and so fashion descriptions, which there are always way too much of, are indicative of the times in the Midwest and does not make them look at all good.
Anita has been battling with Jean-Claude about becoming his human servant so what does she do? What any other dumbass 24 year old necromancer would. She sells him out to a rogue Master vampire that should be able to wipe out the human race with a thought, but he needs her help to find jean-Claude. (A big WTF?? there) She then apologizes to Jean-Claude as she warns him and helps try to defeat Oliver. Oh, a lycanthrope named Richard has the hots for her which of course annoys Jean-Claude, but she may date him, yes she may.
In case you missed it, I am not digging this at all. Anita baffled me with her constant derision towards Jean-Claude. He helps her, seduces her, she hates herself for wanting him, hates the "monsters" and all they stand for, but he and Richard, the werewolf, are making her think twice. Or are they? Decisions, decisions indeed.
Sure I get it, our day to day living is not outrageous so a series will show the struggles of any ordinary person and how they falter and grow. Maybe this is why I do not do well with a series. By now I want her to deal with the Jean-Claude situation and either sleep with him and become his servant and kick ass or walk away. Of course, this may all be in the fourth book, but I am on the fence about going on with the series. I hate being disappointed by a book. I have gotten recommendations for various other series in the same genre. The people who recommended them claim they are written much better and have consistent character advancement so we shall see.

On a different topic, just because someone is on the bestseller list, it does not mean they are a millionaire. Most folks have no idea what it actually does mean and this article, The Reality of A Times Bestseller by Lynn Viehl breaks it down beautifully.


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