Friday, October 29, 2010

Lighting and Color, Color, Color!

Times are tough and when one is renovating their home discount places like IKEA, Home Goods and estate sales become de rigueur. That does not mean I do not dream of pieces that cost as much as the GDP of some small countries. Rejuvenation lighting pretty much makes me drool and all I want is a cool little porch light. My porch light now is just not the right fit for the house. It looks like drooping pastel lilies with pointy lights. I am not even sure it is meant to be used outdoors. Anyhoo, I would like a funky light but I have decided to pretend I have money and see what would I choose if I had no limits?

Why yes I do want this pretty little Euclid light on my porch. If not that, how about Everett? Seems like a nice fellow eh?
We could go the Deco route instead of Arts and Crafts. Do not know if the Grand Avenue light can be used outside but I would beg and plead for it to be.
Here is a nice classic flush ceiling fixture called Thurman. I love the coppery color.

I would adore this pendant light in our bedroom. Too bad the ceilings are too low and we would end up smacking our heads.

The Goth in me wants this Venezia Chandelier.
I do not want this, but I had to share the Crystal Ship.

Now here is something I can embrace. Painted ceilings. Why oh why does everyone loathe to paint a ceiling? Why does it have to be white? There is an awkward mini, mini hallway from our dining room to the hideous pink bathroom and the richly colored Bermuda Grass room where my hubby's toy cabinet and some of our books are displayed. A dead space really which half of it will one day be converted to a laundry room. I have been thinking about the mini hallway for awhile and was thinking of just painting the ceiling part. The walls are white and well, the ceiling area, even the walls above the door way could be one hell of an obnoxious color. Maybe that would be too much but there are two doors and two open doorways so there is not a huge amount of wall space. Except for the dining room doorway which is arched, but so what? Even a simple fun beige could make that pop. There is much to consider here...

Have a wonderful weekend!


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