Sunday, October 31, 2010

And God has smiled

Yes my friends, we have purchased a couch and from a most unusual place.

We never ever go in there as my hubby hates the store and I remember when they used to be really cool and funky and carried very affordable things. I was on their site and saw they were having a sale and their Reagan sofa normally $699 was $550. I know it is not the world most beautiful sofa or probably not the most well made, but heck it works for us. It is a three seater and it is a nice camel color which will look great with our dark sage green walls and gold curtains. We sat on it, seems comfy and looks sharp. Sure I would love my chic thousand dollar modernist sofa, but one, we are not made of money and two, this will look nice and it can go anywhere in the house. The big day for me will be when I can reupholster my wing backs, ottoman and retro sofa, but for now, they get used and are very comfortable.

I have finished painting the living room. Will need to do touch ups and paint through the radiators with the sponge on a stick, but it is a great color. I do want to eventually get radiator covers for the radiators in the living room and maybe even our bedroom. They sure have a come a long way from just the simple metal casing. Check these out from Stanley's Radiator Enclosures.
Once company I saw even makes a bookcase radiator cover! I think I like the one with shelves especially if one of them is to go in the living room under the window. We shall see. I need to start pricing them out as well.

Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate :)


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