Sunday, October 31, 2010

And God has smiled

Yes my friends, we have purchased a couch and from a most unusual place.

We never ever go in there as my hubby hates the store and I remember when they used to be really cool and funky and carried very affordable things. I was on their site and saw they were having a sale and their Reagan sofa normally $699 was $550. I know it is not the world most beautiful sofa or probably not the most well made, but heck it works for us. It is a three seater and it is a nice camel color which will look great with our dark sage green walls and gold curtains. We sat on it, seems comfy and looks sharp. Sure I would love my chic thousand dollar modernist sofa, but one, we are not made of money and two, this will look nice and it can go anywhere in the house. The big day for me will be when I can reupholster my wing backs, ottoman and retro sofa, but for now, they get used and are very comfortable.

I have finished painting the living room. Will need to do touch ups and paint through the radiators with the sponge on a stick, but it is a great color. I do want to eventually get radiator covers for the radiators in the living room and maybe even our bedroom. They sure have a come a long way from just the simple metal casing. Check these out from Stanley's Radiator Enclosures.
Once company I saw even makes a bookcase radiator cover! I think I like the one with shelves especially if one of them is to go in the living room under the window. We shall see. I need to start pricing them out as well.

Have a Happy Halloween if you celebrate :)


Friday, October 29, 2010

Lighting and Color, Color, Color!

Times are tough and when one is renovating their home discount places like IKEA, Home Goods and estate sales become de rigueur. That does not mean I do not dream of pieces that cost as much as the GDP of some small countries. Rejuvenation lighting pretty much makes me drool and all I want is a cool little porch light. My porch light now is just not the right fit for the house. It looks like drooping pastel lilies with pointy lights. I am not even sure it is meant to be used outdoors. Anyhoo, I would like a funky light but I have decided to pretend I have money and see what would I choose if I had no limits?

Why yes I do want this pretty little Euclid light on my porch. If not that, how about Everett? Seems like a nice fellow eh?
We could go the Deco route instead of Arts and Crafts. Do not know if the Grand Avenue light can be used outside but I would beg and plead for it to be.
Here is a nice classic flush ceiling fixture called Thurman. I love the coppery color.

I would adore this pendant light in our bedroom. Too bad the ceilings are too low and we would end up smacking our heads.

The Goth in me wants this Venezia Chandelier.
I do not want this, but I had to share the Crystal Ship.

Now here is something I can embrace. Painted ceilings. Why oh why does everyone loathe to paint a ceiling? Why does it have to be white? There is an awkward mini, mini hallway from our dining room to the hideous pink bathroom and the richly colored Bermuda Grass room where my hubby's toy cabinet and some of our books are displayed. A dead space really which half of it will one day be converted to a laundry room. I have been thinking about the mini hallway for awhile and was thinking of just painting the ceiling part. The walls are white and well, the ceiling area, even the walls above the door way could be one hell of an obnoxious color. Maybe that would be too much but there are two doors and two open doorways so there is not a huge amount of wall space. Except for the dining room doorway which is arched, but so what? Even a simple fun beige could make that pop. There is much to consider here...

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

From yellow to green

Our living room is a poorly painted semi-perky yellow. I have nothing against yellow, but I prefer a more sunflower yellow. I had seen a cool photo in This Old House where someone used the Tuscany type color of our dining room next to the soon to be dark sage green color of our living room. I had never considered such a combination but once I saw it, I loved it. And now that the green is on my walls?


Home Depot decided to stop carrying Ralph Lauren paints so we got a deal when we bought it. Of course now, if I need more paint, I will have to locate it, but that is okay. Anyway, it is really awesome to watch the room begin to change just by the superb color choice. With the recently painted white faux fireplace it is a striking color. Even though we have all been told a can of paint can transform a room, it is still pretty incredible to watch by how much. Granted, not everyone digs bold colors in the home, but we do. I would love to get photos up, but our digital camera is one of the first every on the market and even when you charge the batteries, they are no longer holding the charge. Maybe I can borrow someone's or figure out how to get my phone to do it.

Behr paints and Apartment Therapy are doing a Room for Color contest. There are very interesting and inspiring entries.

Now I always look at kitchen design ideas because we are cooks in this casa and because sometimes we are overwhelmed by the McMansion ideas even now. Big Island, marble, etc. I am really diggin these colorful cabinets in the kitchen and I see the possibility of going down this path.

Gotta go rest since I have more painting to do tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My brain is melting

Because for the life of me, I cannot figure out a proper title for the bounty hunter book. I am tossing all sorts of ideas around from lyrics I like to a line from a book. Frustrating to no end. I was hoping once I was done Poof! It would be there, but no. I do realize that I can pick an obscure phrase from the bible or some odd book or song, but then if it is too obscure it may make absolutely no sense. These are the times I wish I could just call it something generic like the character name or name of where it takes place, but I want a stronger impact. Not that it would not have an impact....UGH!!! Anyway, enough of that rant.

The Angels book is moving along though I did add a story line that strayed too far from my original idea and did not work. Seems these last few days have been brain freeze days for me. Today I am looking to get back into the groove or at least locate it.

Pulled the following book to help in my research on Mary Magdalene.
A fascinating and interesting read so far. The way people today have garbled the stories of each of these historical characters is what he tackles and breaks down.

That is all I got today my friends. Keep the faith.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Dog Praying

A friend had this on her site and I thought it was just precious.

Here is the whole story on CNN.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Two New Obsessions

A friend has turned me on to this wonderful weekly ongoing comic called FreakAngels. The story is a nice dystopian tale and the illustrations are superb.

I have also become a huge fan of the BBC One 6 episode series Jekyll. Well written dialogue, creepy and absolutely brilliant. I am so jealous, I admit that quite freely, that I had not come up with the idea.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Busy Bees Who Read

What a week and weekend.
Birthdays, business trips, house sitting, a paid massage clinic all good stuff, but WOW! I need more hours in a day. Like thirty four. This week is shaping up to even more insane. Not that it is a bad thing, but I will be doing a lot of running around while fitting in the gym, writing and normal household errands. I also need to print out coupons for some shopping I have to do and also look into some house stuff. Good times.
Truth be told, I need a vacation. A warm place where I have to do nothing but raise my hand and have a drink placed in it. Is that wrong? I did not think so. Close friends of ours in California reminded us we have not seen one another for seven years. Sad but true. I would love to visit them right now. A change of scenery is necessary for everyone, especially me, but there are a few road blocks. Flights are not cheap, renting a car is not cheap, we can do our best to plan to have spending money but that does not always pan out and the big one, no one to watch our pets, especially our handicapped dog. I have been trying to find dog sitters that could handle her, but she is not the only issue. Our one cat is on serious medications so while we could let her slide a day or two, five days or a week is not possible. My husband and I have begun the practice of "Why don't you go?" If both of us cannot afford to travel, well, one of us can. This is his best friend, he really should go see him. Yes I would like to go, but it really is a touch difficult. Compromise is not an awful thing and if it came down to it, I would want my hubby to go. I can always go next time. :)
At least I have time to read, sort of...
I finished "The Laughing Corpse" the second book in the Anita Blake series in two days. I do like the story concept even though I am not normally a huge fan of series books. One of the issues I am having is with some of the writing. There were a a few times where I could tell the author found a word she really liked and used it as much as possible in her descriptions. Nothing annoys me more then reading a description such as "Tombstones stood like sentinels" and a half page later read "He stood, looming like a sentinel." Granted I am not a published author so who the hell do I think I am critiquing her, but it stood out like a neon light to me every time.
My husband read Andre Agassi's autobiography "Open" which he thoroughly enjoyed. He could not stop raving about it. No I did not read it because I have a few books going, but I swear I will add it to my list and get to it sometime this millennium.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Is there a Zagat for Churches?

A friend of mine made the above comment as he is traveling in India and was trying to find a place to worship. This comment also was made during an episode of Sex and the City.

As someone who has been doing a lot of research on religion as of late, I think a guide would be a terrific idea. What would be some of the criteria? What are people looking for when they seek out a Church or Temple when traveling? Good music? Fire and brimstone? I was thinking, you would have to discuss length of service, if there is coffee time after or scripture study. Do they have Sunday school that children could attend if need be? Think about it, you are from Chicago and visiting New Orleans and you want to attend services. Are you looking for Catholic? Episcopal? Baptist? And every religion has different variants. High Catholic, Catholic light....there has to be a market for this. I just wonder how detailed in the description one would need to get.

This is timely for me because I myself have not been thrilled with the Churches I have attended as of late. Mostly Episcopal, what I find missing is a vibrancy and a passion imbued by the pastor and its attendants. One Episcopal church we have gone to does have a powerful vibe, but truth be told I still feel something is missing. This is why I want to go to Saint John the Divine in NYC because I believe there is a strong feeling of God there that I am not getting elsewhere. I am hoping to go there in the near future so I will let you know how it goes. Let me add that I have listened to and watched online sermons of the new fangled contemporary Christian churches that lure the young ones in with tattooed preachers and rock music, but for me they hide the Puritanical swill underneath that suave hair cut and drum solo.

All of this makes me think, while the comment was made in jest, perhaps this is something I should seriously consider putting together. I would have to start with the area I know. I would attend Lutheran, Christian, Catholic, etc. services and do summaries of the services. I would have to remain unbiased of course and as I listen to the sermons must put it into context of the faith. Regardless of my belief system, I would have to keep them from tainting the reviews. Which of course makes me wonder what would be something that is bad in the service? I can say I have seen many a poorly given sermon. Music that would make your ears split since it was off key, but would that be unChristian and unprofessional? This is something to muse over and seriously consider. Perhaps, once I get my fiction published, I could start culling this list and see if it is something anyone would even have an interest in reading and following. The most important factor would be to not insult the various congregations I would be discussing as faith is extremely personal. Definitely something to ponder.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Hello Octopus

While this triptych is very choice, I am not sure I would shell out $1,800.oo for it. Though it would be quite an interesting conversation piece.

The Natural Curiosities catalog by Christopher Wilcox is fascinating indeed.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Original Scrapbox

*apartment therapy

Oh yes, yes I want one. For those of us who do crafts of any kind The Original Scrapbox is fabulous. I do not even care if I have a smaller one, I think it is a terrific idea and I envision all of my wonderful yarns in happy places alongside my needles and pattern books. Ribbons and Fabrics neatly stores and cataloged....ahhh to dream. This post was on Apartment Therapy and Casa Sugar. Love, love love!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Hush, Hush

Just discovered this book Hush, Hush on The Well-Read Wife blog and I really want to read it. BUT, I think I should not read it since I am working on a story that also has Angels as a main character and I should avoid any outside influence. I hit a wall of writer's block recently and reading some supernatural story excerpts from other writers did not help. It confounded me further. Undue influence is something I try to avoid because my character's have their own voices, not mine, not yours, their own. So by reading anything that is remotely close to the same topic or character development I have messed with my own head. After a conversation with a friend who kindly let me use him as a sounding board, I am sticking with my original ideas. It is weird when you start to question yourself, your own creativity, but that's life. We all beat ourselves up, being our toughest critics. Now I will lay my weary head down and hope I wake up refreshed, ready to write.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Staying put

Excellent post by Sharon at The Chatelaine's Keys about living in the "wrong house" but loving it just the same. The need to relocate and then realizing, heck, I am exactly where I belong. I can appreciate this because I love where I live now, but do not think I wonder if it is worth it to one day move to Asheville or San Francisco or wherever. For now though I am happy in Western New Jersey and would not trade it for anything in the world. There is a sense of community, I can garden and my home is NOT a starter home, it is a home thank you very much. There is a phrase we need to toss out the window. Bigger is not always better and I have enough space. I do the cleaning, trust me, we have more than enough space. In the end, home is where the heart is and our home has a big heart.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Silent Monks Singing Hallelujah

This is a fabulous and funny video done by a group of high school students.