Monday, September 20, 2010

The Search continues for...

good prices on quality stuff. Like sofas.

Came across the Copy Cat Chic website, love love love, in Real Simple and I am giddy with power. First of all I love that she posts about beautiful, sometimes high end furniture and then posts it's more affordable and still well made counterpart. She did a post on sofas and discussed how you may love the $3000 Williams Sonoma sofa but hate the price. Well, Designer Sofas Direct have a similar looking one for $699. HALLELUJAH!! I cannot wait to play on the website and see what I can find for our living room.

My hubby has painted the floor in the office. So now the guest room and office have beautiful cream floors. I have to order area rugs for the parts that are in heavy traffic areas. I will be going on Heritage Unlimited to see if I can find something for both rooms.

Our front door is red. The problem is I only painted the side facing the street so now I need to paint the side in our living room. This will be pretty cool since the living room color is going to be a dark sage green so between the white fireplace and red door it should be really choice.

With the chill coming on, our focus will be on indoor projects that is for sure. I do need to get outside today to plant the pachysandra where the weeds used to be. :)


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